They are coming for you. Where do you go?

I wonder if Saddam Hussein’s bolt hole is still vacant. That one was good for about 7 months IIRC.

I guess I’d quickly bail out and camp somewhere remote - BLM land or similar. Establish a contact who can arrange for me to go somewhere far, far away.

Either that or move to Humboldt County, change my name to Willow Greenriver and grow pot for the rest of my days while living off of the grid.

  1. Camp in the Weddin Mountains National Park, New South Wales. It’d be rough, but I’d get buy, and I’d have people who could bring me supplies now and then.

  2. Hole up in a certain little village in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. Maybe go into the city after the heat is off a bit and I’m running out of cash, and teach some English on a strictly cash basis.

Don’t go abroad, a foreigner always sticks out like a sore thumb. Don’t go to some remote rural area, people in those parts are too nosy about newcomers. The best place to hide a needle is, not a haystack, but among a lot of other needles. In other words, if you want to live anonymously, move to a big city in your own country, change your name, get a job working for someone who doesn’t ask awkward questions (i.e. the sort who employs illegal immigrants and sees no reason to tell the taxman too much).

My thought exactly. It is an almost perfect city to lose oneself in. I wouldn’t even need to be homeless.

They’re coming to take me away?

Hee hee, hoo hoo! I’d go to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time!
Actually, I knew a guy who basically had to go on the lam to avoid a severely disturbed ex (there was no way for an objective observer to tell where reality ended and her paranoia began.) He lived on the streets for a while until he could get far, far away. Today, he may be on the opposite end of the earth for all that I know.

Unless you’re going to a city with lots of foreigners. An American on the run wouldn’t stick out all that much in Rio, for example, though it would help immensely to learn Portuguese (which you could probably do fairly quickly.) You wouldn’t stand out too much in Israel, in Costa Rica, in many places in Mexico, or anywhere else with a bustling foreign tourist trade.

I agree and further to that, in many places, so what if you do stand out. Upthread, I mentioned a little village in the far south of Vietnam where I’ve spent some time, and where I’d consider going if on the run. Heck, at 6’4" with light brown hair, a full beard, a slight beer belly, hairy white spotty skin, and weighing 270 pounds, I can safely say I stick out like dogs’ bollocks - but to the locals. I’m counting on the fact that they don’t know Big Luigi, and he doesn’t automatically think, “Why, I bet that bastard’s gone to Tien Giang Province, VN.” The main thing is I’m out of reach of my home country’s electronic and paper trail (well more out of reach).

I’m the one who’d choose the drapes for the fallout shelter, and I think I’d be pretty much fucked. I think I’d be using my trustworthy contacts in the media and government for all they’re worth, but of course if they thought I was just paranoid…

Oh, screw this, I’m moving to Vancouver to be homeless like everyone else.

If they are coming, I would want to be homeless, but not in a specific city. America itself is full of non-descript towns (I come from a very small, yet plain one). I’d buy an 80’s SUV, prolly a Toyota, and drive. I could afford an older SUV cash if I really had to, and it’s big enough to keep stuff in. I could sleep in the car, drive town to town, and work “for cash” jobs. There are always towns that need waiters and such, and often places that would easily “forget” about taxes and the like…


You can move throughout the European Union without a passport pretty easily, so I’d just move south until I found a city I liked with warm weather, and hole up there. First, I’d get myself a gun though. You never know.

Canada. I’d go to the NWT and build a house on one of the unnamed islands in Great Slave Lake or one of the lesser lakes. I have enough trusted friends that I would not want.

I’d definitely do the South-East Asia route. You can live there for pennies, and in SEA there are plenty of foreigners around so you wouldn’t be too unusual. You can just about afford rent with cash-in-hand bar work, adopting a new identity, or if you wanted no contact with the west at all, it’s warm most of the time, which would be great for sleeping rough in the jungles or hills. In fact, I have met a couple of people there who were definitely on the run from someone or something. And one (very incompetent) spy.

I could probably get to Mexico in 24 hours, but I’m not exactly El Mariachi. No street-smarts, and I don’t speak the language. Even if the Illuminati didn’t find me, I’d probably be dead within a couple of weeks.

I could get as much gear as I could carry (or sling on a Vietcong-style cargo bicycle) and try to run off into the Sierras, but I have no outdoor-survival experience, I don’t know where to run in the mountains that’d keep me away from people, AND if the Illuminati/Haliburton/Communists/whatever are after me, I’m betting they have enough resources to launch a wilderness manhunt to find one guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

My great-grandmother on my mother’s side might have been Jewish, maybe, but that’s not enough to qualify for the Israeli Law of Return. (Assuming it’s not the Evil Jews™ who’re after me, AND that I have any dirt on the guys who ARE after me that they’d be interested in.)

Hmm, a strategy to try might be to make myself too high-profile to be “disappeared,” and in a hurry. Probably the easiest way would be to murder someone famous, and surrender to the authorities before I get killed. (Depending on who’s after me, this wouldn’t work too well.)

Failing that…anyone know someplace that needs some nitro hauled across a jungle?

I’d run home to my mom’s house. It always worked when I was a kid being chased by bullies.

Nah some jailhouse plant would undoubtedly pull out a homemade knift and stick ya.

I think it all depends on how much cash you have (and can carry) to complete some of the schemes stated above. Sure, money talks some but not as much as credit cards or bank transfers.
I think the best thing you can do, if your’e in a situation like this is to plan ahead, i.e. have someone else purchase a bungalo on an island somewhere.
What’s that book named about a lawyer who crossed the Mafia and sucessfully retired in some island after evading them?

Personally, I would get a portable dvd player, a copy of **waking ned devine ** and boondock saints to work on my accent on the way over, and stow away on a ship to Ireland. I can just see them coming after me now…

Bad Guys: Hey, we are looking for a young woman, red hair, lots of freckles, about 5’5"…you seen anyone by that description?

Irish Guy: Sure, take your pick! ::he points out into a crowd of people::

It’s the Ginger People!.