They are plotting against me

I am now considering a Ron Popeil Rotissary Cookermachine for 3 cute, little, fuzzy critters that want me to walk out into the freezing cold to the barn and grab their food that my 15 year old daughter, who is now cozy in her bed, neglected to bring in after our trip to the store. Only 3 easy payments of $19.95 and comes with a complimentary bunghole thermometer. Perhaps a Ron Popeil Adolescent Daughter Cookermachine as well…

The dog wants out every 5 minutes. I think he wants me to open the door into summer. Only 5000 more entries and exits till that happens!

Hang on…he wants back in and is trying to oooze his body through the door…I love him, but a George Foreman K9 cookin’ grill is sounding good too.

Socksanna kitty is trying to eat an empty cat food bag. (I think they have joined forces and are plotting against me.)

I’m certain it is zero hour here.

Esthers mission is to perform the especially cruel “mooshy mattress” (a.k.a kneeding) on my thighs as I sit here idle on my computer chair, ignoring their empty bowl. I strongly suspect she has been instructed to sacrifice herself, if need be, and place her body under my feet as I’m trying to walk anywhere except out the door to the barn.

Socksanna has been assigned to surveillance duty and has tracked me to
the bathroom while meowing pathetically and sucking in her chubby cheeks and gut in an attempt to look malnourished.

PJ is the 4 star general with state of the art stealth, camouflaged, projectile fur-ball
regurgitation capeabilities. I bet she’s deposited a fur-ball land mine in the blankets of my bed.

I can’t take it anymore! You win! I surrender…Jeesh already!

Man-o-man…it r gonna be cold!!! Please let me open the door and it’s the one into summer. Please, please…(Now I know how the dog feels.)
Esther is first to reach the bowl, Socksanna is next in line. PJ has perched herself on the top tier of the cat tree to proclaim their victory.

Time for me to search for a hair-ball. Hmmmm…Maybe PJ deposited it in my daughters bed. hehe

Heeheehee… nice Heinlein reference. q;}