I have proof that RueDeDay is stalking me!!!

At first, when I let the dogs out this morning and I heard the noise in the woods that got them barking, I thought it was a cat. No biggie. But now I know it was Rue - I have seen indisputable evidence. I got to the office and went to zap my oatmeal as I do every morning.

There I saw it. My heart stopped. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I could swear I heard a minor chord.


Two slices of toast. Cold. Sitting in the toaster. No one around.

What else could it be?

I’m on to you, Rue. Clever how you got past the gate guards. But your hunger betrayed you. So maybe you are not so clever, eh? You got to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on me. And you can’t be sloppy. Leaving toast about is sloppy. tsk tsk tsk

So, let’s hear your explanation… I’m waiting…

It took you this long to figure I was stalking you? Man, I never thought you catch on! If you just asked… it would have gone something like this:
“Are you stalking me?” (This would be you talking now.)
“Uh… yeah!” (That’s me.)
“OK.” (You again.)

I’m under your desk right now.

Nice socks.
-Rue. (Stalker Extraordinaire)

ummmm, I’m not wearing socks…

[sub]guess I need to shave my ankles, huh?[/sub]

Geez, FCM, when you shave your legs halfway, it’s supposed to be the bottom half! :smiley:

I’ll let Rue be your stalker for now, but just wait 'til you move up to Maryland! :slight_smile:

RTF, …the bottom half?? But that’s harder to reach!!

Incidentally, have I mentioned I’ll be in Maryland next month for a week or so? A little vacation to start working on the site of our future home. Everybody goes on vacation with rakes and post hole diggers, right?? Right??

My own beloved mother (more on her later today in MPSIMS) took a two-week vacation some years ago to paint our house.

Yes, two weeks. Whole family was involved.

I think it took more like a month and a half. She kinda underestimated things a tad:)

I bet those are going to be tough to get onto the plane these days…

Aw, what the heck - I’ve hijacked my own thread…

Shibb, we will be driving up I-95 - likely in 2 vehicles so the Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] will be free to spend time with her old friends in King George. I suppose I should keep the details to a minimum, lest Rue follow us. Tho I could put him to work… hmmmmmmm, the possibilities…

And don’t forget, I’ll be hiding in the spare tire carrier!

I agree with Rue, though. Nice ankles.


Well, he’s struck again! I went to zap my lunch (not Zap) and, <gasp> the toast was gone!! No doubt, he’s eaten the evidence.

Spare tire carrier?? Well, on my Aerostar, the spare rides under the back end, so I’m guessing we’ll be dragging you along a la Indiana Jones?? That’s gonna hurt when we cross the 301 bridge from VA to MD - it’s steel grating at the top, you know…

Hey you guys! It’s Friday, that’s *my * day to stalk FCM!
It says so right here in the joint custody agreement!

Though if she’s going to Maryland then I’ll surrender the balance of my time to Zap

[sub]post-hole diggers! :shudder:[/sub]

Now, now, it’s a Nice Bridge - they even have a sign telling you so! :smiley:

And let me know when you’ll be up here - let’s get together for a beer or something. :slight_smile: