They beat them so hard their 'arms were aching': Edlington boys torture case

I don’t have the energy to get too riled up on a Friday afternoon, but man oh man this case is depressing.

The kids had been put into foster care a few weeks earlier and apparently had had several run-ins with welfare agents, one of whom is being disciplined for not intervening sooner. Ugh.

Apparently, when the police came around to interview the boys and find out where they were during the time of the incident their father stated that they had been with him during the whole of the time they were out torturing their victims.

I just do not understand why this father is not being prosecuted for obstructing the course of justice - and that is just for starters. There is plenty of other stuff that could also be explored as a basis for other offences.

On being played the mobile footage, seen by the court yesterday, the younger brother was asked how he felt. He replied: “All right,” but then added that he felt bad.

*Asked why, he answered: “Because I didn’t know [my brother] were recording it.” *

No fake remorse from Yorkshire kids.

Not excusing their actions in any way, but my first thought was “what the fuck were they growing up around?”

Cases like this…I do think we need a seperate system. One for juvies who while they are bad kids, aren’t sociopaths. Their system would be more like the traditional juvenile justice system.
Then we need a system for honest to god well on the way to being sociopath kids.
Some of those kids may be able to be rehabbed. But there are some extremely dangerous and non rehabbable kids. They need to be locked up for the rest of their lives. Like maybe the second system could be housed at one of those insistutions for the criminally insane. It would be very difficult to get out of. That way, maybe the crime rate might go down a bit.

Plenty of times when I was growing up there was nowt to do. Torturing someone else never entered my mind.

Maybe cause I knew my parents would give me the rounds of the kitchen. Not protect me and say I was home with them.

And this is SO not something new. At least the victims survived. Remember the case in Chicago where two boys dropped a little kid out the window of a 15 story apartment building?
Remember the Jaime Bulger case? There are some very dangerous budding sociopaths out there.
And Shelii, I do agree. The enviorment that some kids grow up in is freaking scary. No wonder some of them detach emotionally. Not excusing it , but MAN!!!
Also, I think that there’s too much of an emphasis on " keeping kids with their families" :rolleyes:
Yes, if you live in an emotionally healthy middle class family, a family is a good thing…but a lot of times it just translates to extreme disfucntion.
I remember reading an article in the paper about a new method for dealing with juvenile offenders. It was based on the assumption that they were kids who had never had a proper childhood. In other words they grew up too fast.
A lot of their issues were about acting tough and "older then their actual internal age.
The new therapy at the program was on teaching them to be a kid, and experiance the stuff they didn’t. And recividsim rates were quite low. Can’t remember the details.