They can put a man on the moon but they can't...

  • invent a permanent, painless, cheap hair removal system

  • invent pantyhose that will make it until lunch without running

  • invent people kibble

Will you let me know when they do? I have this strange desire to look just like Powder. :smiley:
[sub]Thing is, I’m serious. [/sub]

Isn’t people kibble marketed under the name of Doritos?

They have. It’s called Male Pattern Baldness.

You’re not the only one, Simetra. I would be perfectly happy with no hair at all.
We Can Put A Man On The Moon, But We Can’t Make Killer Robot Police?

Does that make bald legs and underarms female pattern baldness???

I think there’s a way to remove hair by lasers. Well…it’s not cheap, though, and i’ve heard it only lasts two years.

-Figure out why we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway. (Granted, Cevil figured this out.)

-Create markers that are also erasable.

-Make edible crayons. (I’m really hungry right now…)

-Make MTV play more music videos. (This in the spirit of another thread.)

Lead a horse to water and make him drink.

They havent even perfected bird pellets. And why,in this great country with wide variety of great tasting food, would anyone want to eat the same kibbles all day every day.

Italian. . .yum
Chinese. . . here kitty kitty
French. . . supersize that please
Mexican. . . drop the chalupa
Australian. . .throw another shrimp on the barbie
American. . . can I get this dripping in a little more grease please?
How could you go wrong?

Hi! Mandi!
I think it is rediculous that we have the funds to explore the moon and mars, but not to feed and clothes and house children in third world countries. Shouldn’t we take care of ourselves before we look beyond.

Also Why don’t we have food supplements like the “chewing gum” in Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory to feed us. Imagine how many stains you would avoid on your clothing while you drive to work in the morning. Make it taste good and you are all set.

–we can’t put some people on the moon. To stay.

–or on space stations, or mars, or the asteroids.

–we can’t come up with REALLY stainproof clothes; something that would look and feel like natural fibers, but nothing spilled would stick or sink in; you’d just brush it off or wipe if off.

–we can’t adjust our metabolisms so as to be able to eat as much as we like, while remaining at whatever weight we choose.


Seriously, tubagirl, if we went into space, it would help us to help us feed, cloth, house, etc. people here at home. No to mention making the earth a garden. Everything we need is out there. It’s like it’s raining soup, and we can’t get our act together to hold up a spoon. We should move heavy industy, polluting industry, off planet. We should beam solar power to earth from orbit. We should mine the asteoids.

Where does the “we” come from? US funds put a man on the moon before USSR funds could that’s all. Draw a line down Africa and say you can feed your half better than the other guy and see what happens. Money’s only half the problem.