They discontinued Sugar-Free Kool-Aid

It would appear that the powers that be have discontinued Sugar-Free Kool-Aid. Not the stuff you add sugar to, the sugar-free stuff that IMHO, tasted just as good as the real thing. Went to my grocery store, same as always, and it just wasn’t there anymore. Went to Walmart, same thing. The stock guy said it’s been discontinued. Very sad for me as this has been my drink of choice for I don’t know how many years now. I’ve had people that didn’t know any better try it, and they swore it was regular Kool-Aid. Well, time to give Wyler’s and the store brands a try…

Looks like you can still get it on Amazon for now if you want to try to get some before they’re gone.

You could probably get the no-sugar version and add your own artificial sweeteners to it, couldn’t you?

Oh, that would just be prolonging the inevitable… not my style.

That sounds like a good plan, but I doubt I’d ever be able to get it right. I think I just need to find an existing substitute. Currently sipping the grocery store brand and it’s not bad. Was not really impressed with Wyler’s, seems like it was just watered down.

I can still sort of find it, not sugar free, but low calorie, in the individual pouches. Four or five of those make a pitcher.

Crystal Lite isn’t bad at all, IMHO.

I’m not sure your sources are right. There may be some delay in production or shipping, they may be discontinuing sugar-free products, but as of today, the Koo-Aid websitehas the SF products still listed.

It may be that Bob in the web office is out with rabies this week, but big corporations are usually on top of things like pulling products off the website.

Personally, I never like the taste vs. sugared, but I do like the convenience factor. I hope they don’t stop.

But they may have. Someone should call them.

Came in to say this…I prefer Crystal Lite over Kool-aid or kids’ drink mixes. All of the CL flavors have a nice tartness to them that is absent in Kool-aid, and makes my mouth happy.

MiO is a superior alternative. Add as much or as little as you want and you don’t have to worry about dissolving. Walmart has a house brand that is as good or better and has a few more flavor choices.

Ehh, I like Crystal Light okay - the Strawberry, Orange, Banana variety is great - but the raspberry is terrible, the lemon-lime isn’t great, and they don’t have grape, strawberry, or cherry. I really like the Kool-aid lime, but they’ve never had that sugarfree as far as I know, so I mix it up with artificial sweetener myself…

But not sugar twin. Sugar twin is the evil twin. :frowning:

Mixing different kinds of artificial sweetner always make for a better taste.

Lately I’ve been mixing Kool Aid, Splenda and this stuff (well, cherry or grape) together and it’s pretty awesome. You have to figure out the mix ratios as you mix it but I haven’t been disappointed yet!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been unable to verify if they really have discontinued it, but it sure seems to be missing from the shelves here in central Texas.

You could try using less water. Maybe start with half and keep adding and see if it eventually tastes ‘right’ to you.

I guess another factor to consider, is which tastes better with vodka?

This is where MiO has a clear advantage - no need to water your drink down with actual water! :wink:
(I love MiO - portable and customizable; I actually prefer bug juice when I’m really thirsty, and with MiO I can make bug juice on the go.)

They discontinued the good flavors of Kool-Aid invisible too. Especially cherry. Tell me how the red coloring makes it any better? We loved the clear cherry, as it tasted good, and didn’t stain the carpet when my daughter spilled it. Now the only flavor in clear is Kiwi-strawberry. Who actually likes this flavor in the first place???

<eta> It’s available in presweetened, but not in packets. As I add Splenda to the packets, rather than sugar, this does me no good.

Maybe you should express your love of Kool-Aid in your wardrobe, like this fellow:

Crystal Light has some new mocktail flavors: Appletini, Mojito, and Margarita flavors. Pretty good, too.

I’ve noticed this at the local stores. They do carry store brand versions (and it’s clear from the packaging that it’s the same company making all the store brands). No info on who makes it or where. Just “Made for <store name>”.

Most flavors are the same but one of my favs seems to be missing.

(On an almost related note, I notice a couple days ago they had a store brand called “Instant Breakfast”. I thought, wait a second, isn’t that a trademark of Carnation? Apparently Carnation Instant Breakfast is now “Breakfast Essentials” and they are letting others use the old name.)

It’s Splenda. You can get the store brand of sucrolose. One cup per package of unsweetened Kool Aide and 2 quarts of water.

Can’t you buy the standard kool-aid and sweeten it with Splenda or Equal instead of 4 cups of sugar?

I haveb’t mde kool aid since the kids were young. iirc there’s no sugar in the kool aid packet. I always made it with less sugar than what the instructions said.