Anyone know what happened to Vitamin Water?

It seems to be disappearing around here. Most places I go into now have only a small selection. Sometimes there’ll be a few of the 10 calorie ones and just a few flavors of regular (lately just the XXX and some of the other darker ones).

I remember it being EVERYWHERE a few years ago, and always the full selection of flavors.

Now, not so much. And this is in places in NH & MA.

Anyone else notice this?

I always thought it was a pretty bad tasting product in all flavors and it leaves a nasty aftertaste. It is fairly pricey too. Gatorade and the original sports drinks are much better tasting than Vitamin water IHMO and I don’t even like those very much.

It’s readily available here in Madison. I noticed it was on sale for $1/bottle at Target last night, and last month, Costco had it on coupon for $3.50 off per case, limit 5. I stocked up.

The local high school here stopped selling it in vending machines, due to health reasons. If this happened in every town, I could imagine they are starting to go bankrupt!

We have all kinds of Vitamin Water here in the health foods section of Kroger.

Vitamin Water is owned by Coca-Cola so I highly doubt financial problems is a possibility.

The Vitamin Water section in my local conveniene stores is pretty big. Haven’t noticed any changes.

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That’s hilarious.

I mostly pick them up from the local “Bent and Dent”. And they aren’t dented, so that means they are more likely outdated. Which means they likely aren’t selling.

I like the flavored water aspect. But usually I want better control over the vitamins. They tend to put in a lot of the energizing ones, and I want the calming ones.

We’ve got plenty of the stuff over here. I hope they don’t disappear, I rather like the new flavoured water trend. I don’t care if they’re not “healthy”, I like that they’re not as sweet as regular sodas/juices. It’s a shame they’re so overpriced though.

Exactly. I treat them as soda; I’ll have one now and then when I grab a bite to eat somewhere. Soda is like drinking a sugar slurry.

The selection for them is definitely dwindling around here. Just seems odd.

Fading fad?

Given a few minutes I could come up with any number of products which are not marketed or stocked as aggressively as they had once been.

I couldn’t drink the stuff. Every time I tried, it made me fart like an Apache full of pinto beans.

I think they are letting the Vitamin Water and Vitamin Water 10 products fade from the shelves a bit, because they are ramping up Vitamin Water Zero production.

Coke used part of its expensive sponsor/product placement deal with American Idol to have Vitamin Water Zero in the shots/scenes with the judges this year.


Coke has been sued (several times?) over misleading marketing of Vitamin Water.
For a while it disappeared from shelves around my house. It’s back but doesn’t have the same shelf space as before.

That’d be my guess.

It’s still all over the place where I am. I’ve never had trouble finding it. And I’m in Vermont and New Hampshire, right next door to the OP. Heck, most gas stations have a specifically dedicated Vitamin Water fridge case.

Negligble nutritional value, lousy taste, and premium pricing.

I took a couple as an alternative to cola when out & thirsty, but I felt vaguely sheepish about it. I think that by-and-large, consumers may be concluding that they’re better off with regular supplements and ordinary water for ~15% of the cash outlay - either that or they’d rather have a beverage.

That’d be my guess also. They seemed to be the beverage du jour for a while just like Snapple.

Well, they were everywhere at the NCAA tournament. All cups had to be official Vitamin Water cups. Here’s a pic (about 1/3 of the way down the page):