They Fight Crime!

He’s an unconventional small-town master criminal from the Mississippi delta. She’s a cosmopolitan nymphomaniac stripper looking for love in all the wrong places. They fight crime!

He’s a fiendish moralistic Green Beret in a wheelchair. She’s a pregnant Buddhist queen of the dead living on borrowed time. They fight crime!

He’s a fiendish sweet-toothed cowboy on the edge. She’s a sarcastic blonde barmaid with an MBA from Harvard. They fight crime!

He’s an immortal overambitious matador looking for a cure to the poison coursing through his veins. She’s an enchanted red-headed hooker with the soul of a mighty warrior. They fight crime!

He’s a witless albino dog-catcher looking for ‘the Big One.’ She’s a radical African-American barmaid trying to make a difference in a man’s world. They fight crime!

Somewhere in Hollywood, a screenwriter muttered “Shit…they’re on to us”.

He’s a globe-trotting guitar-strumming waffle chef with nothing left to lose. She’s a beautiful punk socialite with the power to bend men’s minds. They fight crime!

I’d watch it.

“He’s a lounge-singing zombie paramedic with a robot buddy named Sparky. She’s a psychotic gold-digging journalist with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!”

I can’t stop laughing at this.

Since when to zombies need paramedics and get robots.

The psychotic gold digger has an evil twin sister…

Help…I’m addicted.

He’s a Nobel prize-winning gay assassin who hangs with the wrong crowd. She’s a hard-bitten tomboy bodyguard from beyond the grave. They fight crime!
Wait, is he an assassin who’s gay or an assassin who assassinates gays? And what about her, is she a reanimated corpse who guards tomboys or a tomboy zombie? Or are they saving that information for the Season Finale?

Maybe he is an assassin who only kills gay Nobel Prize winners. I can’t see there could be a living in that long term, but hey, its Hollywood.