They fired Larry Wilmore! Why?!

Larry Wilmore, executive producer and co-creator of The Bernie Mac show, has been fired by Fox.

This is in the Pit instead of CS because I am just that angry. You’ll see why in a moment.

Not the right person? He created the fucking show! Yes, it has potential and a great concept, but you know why people aren’t “embracing” it? Because you fuckers don’t give it a chance! You turned Wednesdays into “All American Idol, all the time” during February sweeps, and now you’re claiming low ratings for a show that wasn’t fucking ON during the ratings-grab? Fuck American Idol and fuck you!

This is the first show I’ve added to my regular rotation in two fucking years. I like it. A lot. And so would other people, if they ever got a chance to see it.

Well…I hope that’s not a matter of his thinking he doesn’t need Wilmore. He might be thinking he’s all that now that he has his own show, but maybe he can go it alone. Or maybe there was friction between the two of them that I don’t know about, and Wilmore did need to leave.

But I doubt it. This isn’t the first time Fox has had displays of apparent recto-cranial inversion. They cancel Titus and Family Guy, but they keep coming up with shite like Joe Millionaire?!. Marge’s remark on The Simpsons seems more prescient every year: “You know, Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice!”

Fuck you, Fox.