"They got what they deserved."

Pat Buchanan, on MSNBC is outraged about the alleged lies in the CBS movie bio of Ronald

Apparently the film quotes Ronnie as saying “They got what they deserved,” about AIDS victims, as quoted in the film.

Pat says this is an outright lie.

Can anyone provide a cite to prove or disprove the quote?

I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know what else Reagan is supposed to have said.

The actual quote (one of them) is “Those who live in sin will die in sin.”

I am not sure how you would prove that he never said it, but the producers have agreed to remove this from the movie.

So I suppose you could argue that this is evidence that they made it up. Which they did.


The quote in the movie was made up by the writers, but according to historian Edmund Morris, Reagan once said of AIDS, “Maybe the lord brought down this plague because illicit sex is against the ten commandments.” Personally, I think this phrase is worse than the one the writers for CBS came up with.