They had to cut my mom out of her car today

Kee-rist, what a phone call!

The phone rings tonight and I see on the Caller ID that it’s my mom, so I answer with my usual “Hola, como estas?” It’s our little in-joke; she always has to stop and think before saying “Muy bien, mi hija, gracias.” Only this time she said, “Eh, not so muy bien. The van’s totaled.”

She was driving my dad’s camper van (it’s the vehicle they take when they go to live in Texas for the winter) when some crazy woman pulled out from where she wasn’t supposed to; I didn’t quite catch the details. Apparently it was at fairly low speeds, maybe each going about 20-25. My mom saw her in time to decide whether to hit the brakes or gun it to avoid a collision. She decided to gun it, but the other car (a frigging ESCORT!!!) caught the back quarter of the van, somehow got under it, and flipped it over onto the driver’s side. My mom was stuck in there for about an hour until the rescue squad could cut the roof off and get her out. She was checked out at the hospital; she just had elevated blood pressure (no effin’ shit!) and soreness.

She says she was pretty calm while she was lying there in the van, having determined that nothing was broken, no blood or bones or guts where they didn’t belong. I think I’d be pretty freaked if I were in a vehicle that was not on its wheels!!! She had the presence of mind to turn the engine off, and to warn the rescuers about the propane tank as they sawed through the roof. They couldn’t find her purse at first, but found it under some stuff behind the driver’s seat. In a few days my mom and dad will go to the salvage yard with some friends and see what they can pull out and, well, salvage.

They’re supposed to come back to WI next month; they’ll just buy a cheap car to get back here (with no camper, there’ll be no lollygagging their way back doing sightseeing!) and then save up and take their time, pick out something else up here at their leisure. At least my mom’s car is OK up here. No idea yet what will happen with the insurance; she knows nothing about the other driver other than that she refused medical treatment. Oy. (Don’t worry, my mom is totally anal about paperwork; she’ll be checking all that stuff out. Right now she’s just taking it easy and preparing for the soreness to come.)

Holy shit! I told her I hoped she was counting her lucky stars, and she said she was way ahead of me. :eek:

Wow! I’m sure glad she’s okay!

What happened to the lady that caused the whole commotion in the first place? I know you said she refused medical treatment so I suppose there was nothing oozing out of where it shouldn’t be oozing, but still – for nobody to walk away from that with anything more than a few bumps is remarkable! Does your mom think she’ll take any sort of action against her? (The stars are on her side if she does, I imagine – this post showed up right under “The MMP That Drives Like An Idiot” when I was looking through the forums, which I’m sure is fate speaking)

Calming thoughts going to you and yours, you all deserve a good stiff drink after that one.

When I was talking to her, she made a few ouchy noises and mentioned that her ribs were still bothering her, and she bet she’d be more sore tomorrow (very likely true; I remember my crash and it was much the same thing – I wasn’t “hurt” per se, but the next day I felt like I’d been beaten up by a pack of thugs). She said she supposed there might be a case for “pain and suffering,” but how would she prove it with no real documented injuries, and quite frankly she’d just be happy to have the bills covered. Besides, in a month she’ll be back in WI and presumably this other woman would still be in TX; it’ll be enough of a headache getting things straightened out as it is. But I told her to document everything, keep receipts, etc. And of course not to be a hero if anything starts bothering her painwise, but she’d pretty good about seeing doctors when she needs them.

And when she said she has the same car insurance that we do – I won’t name names but it rhymes with Kramerican Shamily – I said to look out if the other woman turns out to have the same insurer. When I totaled my car it was much the same sitch – totally the other driver’s fault and the cops knew it – and yet for some reason because Kramerican Shamily was also the other driver’s insurer, they seemed disposed to fight for the other driver’s interests and not mine, and I had to fight and argue with the adjuster for every penny. What pricks.

Anyway . . . at least she was calling from home! Thanks for your good wishes.

Wow, glad to hear mom’s doing well. She will be sore tomorrow, for sure. I think I would be freaking out just a little to be in a vehicle on it’s side. Hopefully she can negotiate a good settlement from the insurance company. You’re advice to her is good. Have her keep good documentation of her bills as well as how she’s feeling each day so that she can work with the adjuster to get a fair settlement. Good luck!

I’ve been cut out of my car. It’s quite an experience. She will be sore tomorrow. Document where and consider going to an osteopath. She will also have impressive bruises. Photograph them.

i’m glad she is okay. that is quite a call to get late at night. i’m sure you will feel better when you see her.

Did they use the Jaws of Life?

Scarlett, I’m glad your Mom is OK.

I’ve been in a scary wreck or two myself, & know how it feels.

Glad she’s okay, Scarlett.

My paternal grandmother’s station wagon was hit by a train once (she survived with minor injuries), and my dad referred to the location of the accident as “the place where [my] grandmother tried to run over a train” for years.

That’s what I asked. She said no, just a saw.

In the days since then, I’ve had to get up in the middle of the night and answer a call from the medical monitoring people to go check on my friend’s elderly mom who’s staying alone for several weeks (she’s OK, she was just confused and a little spooked, but I had no idea what we’d find when we got there), and then found out that another friend was in a similar accident, only her vehicle was just spun around; she thought she was fine for a week, but now she finds out she may have a fracture in her neck. What the hell is in the water??

Mr S was in a car that was hit by a train, years before I met him. it was a low-speed collision, but he hit his head and lost a few minutes there. (He also drowned in a bucket as a baby, has set himself on fire, once shoved a screwdriver up his nose, whacked himself in the head with a two-by-four, dumped his motorcycle twice, and I forget what all else. I hate it when he goes up on the roof or does electrical work.)

Actually, as long as someone’s competent to make a decision, they can refuse medical treatment. What we look for is that they’re alert & oriented x4 (person, place, time, event), understand the risks of refusing, and don’t have any signs of inoxication or an incapacitating head injury, or anything like that.

St. Urho

I thought this thread would be about spending too much time in a Mickey D’s drive thru. Your story is much more exciting. Glad everything turned out OK (so long as you’re not the van!).