Very bad day

My mom was in a car accident today. My sister says she isn’t hurt bad. I’m on my way home right now. Man this is fucked up. I’m so glad she is okay but I can’t help but wonder about other things like how is she going to get to work now? Is she gonna lose her job? IF so she loses her house her everything really which fucking sucks because of everything that has happened lately with her. Just letting everyone know I won’t be back here until Monday at the earliest.

Tiki, my thoughts are with you, hoping that everything works out for her. Take your time getting things straight on that end, we’ll still be here when you get back!

Oh geez.
I hope everything turns out well.

Wow! That does suck. Hope you come back Monday with good news.

FWIW, a lot of places offer long-term disability of some type, I think. This should help.

Your mom isn’t badly injured. That’s what matters the most. Every other thing will work out. A person as young s you should not worry about the other stuff. She won’t lose her job. Does she have insurance? She’ll get to work. Is there public transportation where you live? If not, she’ll get her car repaired if it’s reparable, or a used car if not.

Don’t worry.

Hang in there Tiki, glad your mom’s ok. That’s the most important thing.

Good luck in your absense. Sometimes life sucks. Don’t worry to much about the job or anything, it will work out. As long as your mom is ok.

I hope she’s okay!
Did she have insurance at least? They should pay for a rental car in the meantime, most will if you have a certain kind of coverage for it. Or maybe she can carpool with someone at work? I’m sure people would help her out if she needed it
If the car’s notrepairable, there are some relatively cheap used cars on the market. My little sister just totalled my car, so I had to buy a new one. I got a Saturn for about $10,000, but that’s because I need all the perks of expensive cars :)Call me spoiled.

Hey, and maybe you’ll luck out, and the car won’t be too bad off!!

Good luck babe :slight_smile:

Slow down, dude!

Don’t extrapolate your mom’s accident into her losing her house. Cross one bridge at a time.

I hope your mom’s okay.

Tiki, Don’t worry too much. If it comes right to it and your has no way of getting a car, I’ll drive her to work. I don’t live that far and you know I’de do it in a heartbeat if you asked me to, if it is possible. It’ll work out, but until it does you’ve always got friends to lend a hand.

Hey dude, I wanted to get an update and find out what happened? Everything ok and all that?

First off I am humbled by the people who took the time to ask and see if everything was okay. And mighty_maxx damn man we’ve been through some shit together and I know you’ll always be willing to help. And yes oldscratch everything is inherently good. My sister kinda sorta overtold the story. Yes my mother is ok thank god that was my first worry. She has no cuts scratches or anything of the sort. She may have hurt her shoulder pretty bad but that is the extent of her injuries. As for the truck it’s seen better days. It’s still drivable but not the most pertty thing in the world. Heres the deal she did 5 360’s in the middle of the road then hit the ditch with the front of the truck then spun around and wacked the back of the truck in the ditch. Anyways I went home over the weekend and spent Saturday fixing the truck to make it as drivable as possible (I know spending “quality time” with deadbeat dad fixing cars would come in handy somehow). Anyways she is okay. She didn’t even miss work the day she had the accident. What a trooper! Anyways thanks to everyone who cared.