They made it look so good.

In the commercial for ‘Yoplait Whips’, see the young couple lounging in the hammock. See the girl eating New Yoplait Whips Light & Fluffy Yogurt. See how fluffily it sits on the spoon before she shovels it into her ready and waiting mouth. See the look of orgasmic bliss on her face as she swallows. See the indulgent boyfriend smile as she has an affair with a container of yogurt right in front of him.


So I get me some. Mmmm, Cherry Chifon, see how fluffily it sits on the spoon. See me shovel it into my ready and waiting mouth. See the look on my face when my swallowing mechanism goes into lock-down. See me try to spit it out, but I can’t 'cause it’s so damn light & fluffy. I can’t describe how vile this stuff was. I love regular Yoplait though.

Has anyboby else been tricked by the evil advertising companies?

I did it, and with exactly the same thing!

Okay, so I don’t like yogurt. I want to like yogurt. And this stuff looked so good (part of what I don’t like about the regular stuff is the consistency) so I got some and tried it.

Blurgh. I managed two spoonfuls and chucked the rest.
Another thing that always looks good to me is coffee drinks (like lattes and such). My spouse likes them, and every time he gets one I say, “Mmm…that looks good,” and he replies, “It tastes like coffee,” and I nod and sigh and realize he’s right–I won’t like it.

hillbilly queen nobody advertises buttholes but you lick those so don’t blame Yoplait. I can’t imagine yogurt being worse than the buttholes you lick.

That was totally out of line in this Forum. I would consider it to be totally out of line in any Forum of the SDMB. Do not post in this manner again.

Ummmm, yeah, okay {shakes head to clear very strange hijack out}

I tried mint cherry gum today. What in the name of all that’s holy do they put in that stuff? It was SO bad - I’m not a fussy eater at all, I love new tastes, but this stuff was just evil-tasting. Like really strong mint, and cherry Halls cough drops, and just a hint of Drano. Blecch.

Truth is out of line on the Striaght Dope board? How is the quoter worse than the quotee?

Look like the stalker is back. What’s your damage, child?

Czarcasm, in case you haven’t seen it - in this thread:

the vulgar poster above admits to being a sock of the banned stalker who has been harassing her previously.