They Might Be Giants -- "best of" album?

Some while ago, a friend lent me a CD of “the best of” They Might Be Giants. The only song I actually remember was “I Walk Along Darkened Corridors.” This was definitely a “best” compilation, not one of their regular albums…

Being a law-abiding bloke, I didn’t rip mp3s from the CD when I had the chance…

Now I’m trying to find it, to buy it, all honest-like. What would the name of the album have been?

“I Walk Along Darkened Corridors” is one of the songlets in the track called “Fingertips.”

It was collected in their “Dial-a-Song” compilation. I think thats what you’re looking for.

Cool! That’s just gotta be it. I actually looked at that on Amazon, but passed it over, figuring I couldn’t possibly have forgotten so emphatic a cover picture! But I clearly did!

Running off now to Amazon to buy the puppy! Thank you!

I don’t listen to their recordings, but if you ever get a chance to see them live, do it!

I did and it was a pretty good concert. Not amazing, but pretty good. I was disappointed how tired they seemed of playing their hits. They did a medley of “Constantinople” and “Particle Man” and others from the 1990 era. It was a bit lackadaisical.

You’re probably right…but I don’t feel comfortable with live performances. I don’t get along with crowds, I don’t like crowd noise intruding into the music, and, alas, live performances, in this day and age, are just monstrously effing LOUD.

I’ll give TMBG credit for not being as loud as some Death Metal from Hell band…but I fear they’d still be too loud for my comfort.

No… Give me post-production and editing. No standing in lines, and it costs a lot less too.