TMBG tomorrow night!!!!

I got my ticket today, I get to see They Might Be Giants tomorrow, yay me!!!


DAMN YOU! Living in North Carolina there just is no way for me to get to a show!

I expect a full report, though.

We (wife & I) saw them in Minneapolis on the 9th. First time we had been to their show. It won’t be the last. They were great!

That reminds me, their new CD was supposed to be out last week and I didn’t pick it up yet. :smack: Enjoy the event and while you’re at it, make a little birdhouse in your soul.

I missed the show here in Mpls, but I did get the new CD. Listening to it now, as a matter of fact. It’s good – more in line with what I expect from TMBG than Mink Car was.

At the risk of sidetracking this thread, I must link the video of Experimental Film done by the Brothers Chaps (the guys):

Is it your first show? If so you’re in for a treat. I don’t listen to TMBG too much anymore but I make a point of trying to see them when they come to NYC. The shows are always so much fun! I saw them last in December, I think it was my 6th time, and it was great as always. The first time I saw them I was surprised at how danceable the music was and that I hadn’t noticed it before. Good times!

Just an FYI, if you miss shows, some are now available (and more should be available in the future) for download at Granted, you have to pay $9.99, but you get a full show’s worth of songs in MP3 format, broken up into individual MP3s. I think it’s a kickass idea.

We leave in 2 hours!!!, I “tuned up” by watching “Gigantic” twice and listening to “Flood”.

I will post a review (but no setlist, I will be busy)


Lucky… I have to wait till August 11 and then drive for 4 hours to get there. :frowning:

I just got in from the show and TMBG ROCKED!!!, they are writing a song for every venue on this tour and they opened with the “Meridian song” and the played it again later in the show, according to Flandsburg the second time was for the people who were feeling nostalgic for 1 1/2 hours ago.
I have never before seen anyone hold his guitar over the audience so the crowd could solo, it was very cool.
They did a short, instrumental thing and after Flandsburg said “I screwed my part up, we have to do that again but this time play it faster”, so they did.
The opening act (Corn-Mo) was “interesting”, he gets high marks for “intestinal fortitude” (ask an Army guy) and he is funny but his voice is hard to take (high “cringe factor”) but anybody who writes songs about WCW wrestlers and folks getting peed on can’t be all bad.

In all it was a great show and I highly reccomend it, New Orleans tonight (Wed night)


I’ve got another week and a half to go before seeing them in Brooklyn. I’ve seen TMBG perform 32 times, and they always strive to put on rocking, unique shows every single night. The only band I know of who tries harder than them to make every single show an original and memorable experience is Pearl Jam, and getting tickets to their shows can be a bitch.