Gigantic release for you TMBG fans

I missed this in it’s limited Film Festival run, but it’s coming out on a huge DVD release soon.

Something that is bount to please ANY TMBG fan. I can’t wait.

Bound… bound… preview dagnabbit… why do I never preview?

I saw it at the cinema on Sunday. I loved it, and I’ll be getting the disc for sure.

Thanks, I knew that’d be coming out at some point on '03, but was starting to wonder WHEN.

I would LOVE to own that.

I just wish they would come back to the Midwest. They haven’t been to KC since Factory Showroom. That’s just plain wrong.

They’re playing my school’s Harvest Ball! Woooooooohoooooooooo!

Just had to dance in here to share that.

Not so; I saw them in Liberty at William Jewell during Severe Tire Damage.

::sigh:: My first show. I pogoed the night away.