They're Made Out of Meat! and Ace Derringer


(A short 7 minute SF film, witty and sharp as can be, based on a short story by Terry Bisson.)

I love CGI, I think it has contributed immeasurably to the quality of SF films ever since Star Wars. But I also love some of the old Outer Limits episodes , and this would have been a CLASSIC episode if it had aired back then … and there’s no reason why it could not have, though I don’t think “probes” were a thing back then. And there are still TONS of SF short stories out there that have never been done, dammit!

I personally think there’s room for all kinds of SF out there, CGI blockbusters and mind-blowing sensawonder/humor/social commentary that needs no CGI. This flick is proof of that.

Actually, there’s a great example of some retro SF CGI out there as well. Check this out. Ace Derringer vs. the Shadow Men is pretty much a direct Star Wars ripoff, but the visuals are what it’s all about, and the visuals are topnotch.

I have actually seen both of those. They were both at one time available on my cable’s On Demand. Made Out of Meat is one of my boyfriend’s favorites, he and his buddy watch it all the time. I have unsuccessfully tried to blot it from my memory… I dunno, I wasn’t a fan, but to each their own! :smiley:

Actually, that’s where I found them, on cable on demand, but I noticed they were both on Youtube as well.