They've ruined Dexter's Lab!

I just caught an episode and the show is totally different! Christine Cavanaugh no longer does the voice and Genndy Tartakovsky’s name doesn’t appear anywhere in the credits. The animation looks different too. It’s just not the same.

Did Tartakovsky just move on to other things, quit, or was he fired like Kricfalusi?

Is this the episode where Dexter goes to college and the entire house looks so freakingly different! Brown walls. Everything is in a different place, they even moved the couch! And Mom and Dad look different. That may be just the one. Let’s hope it stays just the one. Of course there’s also those awful commercials with Dexter sounding very VERY unDexterish.

I can’t even watch that one, it’s just too wrong. Too too wrong.

No, unfortunately, it is changed for good. They started making new episodes and now the animation is…ah, how you say…ah yes. Screwed up. <Shudder>

And yes, his voice is horrible. And he’s SO irritating now. Not the adorable little child genius with the squeaky voice he once was. I can’t watch the new episodes without holding my forehead in my hand and just sighing. I’ve been watching the older ones for so long that it feels wrong to watch the new ones.

Christine Cavanaugh has retired from the voice-actressing biz for some reason or another.

Genndy Tartakovsky is still supervising production of the show, but is not doing as much input as he used to, since he has to balance between Dexter and Samurai Jack. Co-producer of Dexter is Paul Rudish.

And according to producer Chris Savino, “We as artists have matured in taste and ability and could not make the ‘old’ Dexters if we tried. We got an opportunity to make some desired changes and we did. Much to the studio’s delight these new episodes are said to be the BEST so far.”

And Dexter still seems to be the nutty little scientist we all know and love in personality and inventions, if not his voice. Time-and science-marches on!