They've sold my bank. :(

Citrus and Chemical Bank has been bought by Colonial.

This makes me sad. One reason is that I began my IT career there. It was my “home” for 11.5 years. I was sad to leave, but I wanted chances to develop and grow that I wasn’t being afforded there, given the size of the IT department and the “old boy” network that exists so strongly in banking.

Another reason is that my mother works there now. About 2-3 years after I left there, she went to work there in the bookkeeping department. I haven’t had a chance to ask her yet if she knows what it means for the back-office type people, but I do know that traditionally, the IT and bookkeeping departments of purchased banks either are completely wiped out, or reduced to a skeleton crew as an arm of the IT/bookkeeping department of the larger bank. Which of course, worries me for the friends in the IT department that I left behind, as well.

And thirdly, the deceased former CEO, George Harris (yes, Katherine’s dad), while he was alive, stated unequivocally that the bank would remain an independent and community-based bank as long as he had any say in the matter. So now he’s gone, it’s what? two years? and they’re selling. I feel like it’s a betrayal of him and all he stood for. :frowning:

Don’t feel too bad, my bank has been sold twice, some local ones have been sold more than that. Company longevity is hard to come by these days.

I know. It’s just sad. This bank was founded in 1954 in my hometown, and it’s part of the local history and community.