Well, I played a little of this a long time ago and now I’m trying again. What stopped me last time was that I got unnerved by the zombie missions. The Prison mission didn’t bother me much, because you don’t have to deal with many in there. I’m talking more about such levels as “The Haunted Cathedral”. I’m attempting the Bonehoard tomorrow(Somebody made a mess on the surface. You’d think whoever it was would be a little more subtle).

I love the atmosphere of the game, but that atmosphere also tends to creep me out something fierce(Yeah, I know it’s not proper english).

So I’m going to ask: What is the best way dealing with the damn undead? In games where I have access to firearms and copious amounts of ammunition, this rarely bothers me. However, here I have little more then Holy Water arrows, but fonts are few and far between, and Holy water is freaken expensive( not to mention very limited). Any suggestions for the Bonehoard in particulary?

BTW, did I metion, I despise zombies very much?


Does that really work againest the undead? I guess the problem is I have no idea what set of rules they use. Are they like Humans and thus can become distacted unless they directly see you? Or are they like Romeo zombies that can apparently sniff out living flesh from miles away?

You can hide from them, same as humans.

They also can’t climb, so a good strategy is to scout out some place where you can easily jump or climb to some high ground and exit the room in a different direction, then sprint through the level, drawing as many zombies as you can with you. Climb to your bolt hole and leave the zombies milling around behind you as you circle back. Also, if you have fire arrows or holy water arrows, bunching them up like that makes it easier to take them out in groups.

What Miller said. Run a lot, since they’re too stupid to do more than shamble at you. Get familiar with the layout of the level and then bolt for areas they can’t reach. Just about anywhere on the higher level of the bonehoard is safe, for example.

In later undead levels, when you start running across hammer haunts, running doesn’t help so much since 'haunts are a bit faster than you and some of them have magic. Hide from those and backstab them (actually, backstab once, hack again to finish them off).

If you want to kill zombies, you can use fire arrows (overkill, imo), mines or holy water. Another way to kill them that gets overlooked a lot are flash bombs.

Just stick with it. I’d freak out too when I first played those levels, but now I’ve managed to condition myself to the point where I’m only mildly frightened out of my wits. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. The Bonehoard went a lot better then I expected, and didn’t truely have much trouble until the halls of Echoing repose, when the zombies come out in rotting, leacherous hordes. Though for the most part, I had little trouble running right past them until I reached the upper levels. Once I got up there, I was glad to see they were zombie free(although there were some Burricks whom I managed to slip by).

Now, I get to have fun with the Haunted Cathedral. :D(Shivers uncontrollably) I guess as long as I’m able to navigate in the darkness and ruins, I’ll be all right.

Uh, I really hope you mean leprous.

Yeah, are these those masturbating zombies from SNL?

BTW, how do you kill a zombie with flashbombs?

You have to be fairly close. The light damages them a bit.

It’s been a while since I’ve done it but I recall you need a few, like two or three. It actually blows them up, IIRC.

It’s area of effect, so I guess you could gather a crowd first if you want to save bombs.

In my opinion, it’s something you’d do only if you were kinda bored or desperate since zombies are rather easily avoided.

This game would have been a million times better if it stayed focused on the castle/mansion type levels and did not degenerate into the fighting undead/supernatural creatures in fantastical environments as such games frequently do. Why do game developers feel like they need to insert creatures into every damn thing, like FAR CRY?

Well, there is such a thing as Necrophilia, no? :slight_smile:

Now I feel really stupid. I wrote a story once with zombies, and used the phrase “Lecherous Rotting Hordes”. Granted, nobody who read the story(all two of them) seemed to have noticed.

Actually, only a few days ago, I would have totally agreed with you, and I still do to some extent, though I have to admit the Bonehoard was pretty fun when I wasn’t lost in the darkness, and I loved the atmosphere.

I think the whole idea was that nothing but stealing from mansions would have gotten too repetative, and they wanted to expand on the fantasy/horror aspects of the thief universe. And of course, kind of a cool idea that messing with the EYE causes a huge perversion of nature, in so much that an entire section of the city becomes an urban zombie movie. Rather creepy when you hear some servents in Ramirez’s house talk about “near the barricades” particulay “I hear there’s another moon there, one that sucks light”

Perhaps I’ve just been desensitized, or maybe I’ve learned the system much better this time. That and I discovered that you could turn on the lights in the Old Quarter to make things go much smoother.

Though I have to agree that the zombie thing gets used a bit too much sometimes.

Oh, I don’t know. I find the variety in missions to be refreshing. Thief 2 got a bit mind-numbing after a while. “What? Another Mansion robbing mission? Zzzzz.”