Things a celebrity won't do

I know that there are some celebrities that won’t do nudity, but are there any other things that you ever read of a celebrity saying that they won’t do, usually for some kind of moral reason? I vaguely remember reading an article where Sarah Jessica Parker said that she rarely curses. And I once remember reading John Corbett saying that he wouldn’t kiss another woman onscreen if he was married in real life.

Can you think of any other examples, other than nudity?

Some actors will try to keep the characters they play from drinking. Dan Castalanetta asked the Simpsons writers to make Barney a recovering alcoholic because he didn’t want to have to play a drunk all the time.

Of course, Barney has gone off the wagon a lot and Homer Simpson is pretty close to being an alcoholic.

I’ve known several actors that would not smoke…not really celebrities, but local performers.

Also knew a guy that would do most things, including swearing, but would not say “God Damn” or variations thereof…

Dana Plato offered me a blowjob. For $100. She eventually got down to $20 for a screw, but I wasn’t interested. I was only there for the free food.


Homer is close to being an alcoholic in the same sense that Nashville is close to the capital of Tennessee.

Patrick McGoohan turned down the role of James Bond in “Dr No” because he felt the character was too morally depraved - so I guess beating up women, shooting unarmed men and wise cracking as Jamaican thugs burned to death were things he wouldn’t do.


None of them have ever done me.
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The sad part is that we don’t know if you’re joking.

OTOH there are plenty of celebs who prefer to go nekkid than wear fur.

Lisa Whelchel has refused to play characters that engage in adulterous relationships or pre-marital sex.

Mae West. She hated cigarettes: when she smoked in her movies, she used some kind of fake flaxweed cigarettes or something, and she never let anyone smoke near her, on- or offscreen.

A lot of them refuse to do TV commercials, unless they’re aired in a place where their associates won’t see them.



You absolutely cannot just leave this hanging there without an explanation.

Seems that I’ve read or heard rumors that many actors back in the 60s and 70s sometimes refused to cut their hair or their huge mohunkin’ mustaches for roles. Can’t really remember who, or where I heard this. Does sound sorta urban legendish, I admit.

Sir Rhosis

Well, Homer’s devotion to and abuse of beer, like his IQ, went up and down as demanded by the plot or jokes.

Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz and Lucille LeSueur won’t come into my kitchen.

I don’t think she really qualifies as a celebrity, what with not having worked in 15+ years, and then only on one television series.

Elizabeth Hurley refuses to return my calls.

not a huge moustache, but Cesar Romero refused to shave his off for his role as the Joker in the '60s “Batman” TV series, so his makeup was applied right over it.

Have you tried scrubbing it with some Bon Ami?

Not only that, but on his own spy show “Secret Agent”, there was no kissing.

When Patrick Macnee did “The Avengers” he insisted that his character, John Steed, wouldn’t use a gun; Macnee’s WWII experiences had given him a strong distaste for firearms.

The late Dana Plato went through rough times, including being arrested for robbery, before her suicide in 1999. I don’t see a point to making fun of her now.