Things I Must Remember ... Next Time

When baking, do not confuse the baking powder and the custard powder.
… Anyone else got anything they really ought to remember, next time?

I confused powdered sugar and corn starch one time. I sprinkled it allover some cookies I baked for a classroom party. I saved the day by brushing as much of the powder as I could and then re- sprinkled with powdered sugar. My understanding is powered sugar is cut with starch anyway. No one noticed as far as I could tell.
Now my canisters are clearly labelled.

After blindly taking a swig from a nearby bottle of bleach, my wife remembers to look at what she is grabbing before chugging.

When the recipe says to use baking powder, DON’T use baking soda.

Don’t forget to add sugar when making pumpkin pie. Eeew!

Coconut oil is not always interchangeable with butter.

When trying on 1 each of 2 different pairs of shoes in the morning to see which one looks better…

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When following a recipe, a *clove *of garlic is not a *bulb *of garlic.

When something says to “Shake well,” no matter how tightly you think the top is screwed, snapped, strapped, welded, or otherwise secured on, HOLD THE TOP ON. Because that one time you don’t, it won’t be.

Drinking milk out of the carton before doing a sniff test is a really bad idea.

Read the label on the spice bottle. Nutmeg and chipotle chili powder looks really similar.

A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.

Been there! (Except I was just grabbing 2 shoes in low light. Got halfway to work wearing one black shoe and one brown. Oddly, I had a nearly identical pair on the shoe rack when I got home. After that, I kept a pair of black flats in the car.)

Also, use bags for trash and boxes for not-trash. While clearing my grandma’s house, I brought home a nice bag of rubbish, and threw away the bag of vintage aprons I wanted.


If a clove of garlic is good, a whole bulb is better. The same is true for onions.

Check the jugs of dishwashing soap/dishwashing machine soap before adding one to the dishwasher. I use pods, so when we were at a vacation home rental recently that used almost identical-looking jugs for each type of soap, guess who grabbed the wrong one on the night before we had to check out?

That “Better Than Bouillon” stuff prints the type of bouillon in teeny-tiny type. Also, the seafood stuff is colored almost exactly like the chicken stuff. Be sure you put on your glasses and read them before you make your chicken noodle soup taste like shrimp stock.

…to flip the “reserve” switch back after filling the gas on the motorcycle before getting on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

What did your wife *intend *to drink that resembles a bottle of bleach?

That’s what I was wondering as well. Chainsaw oil, maybe? Linseed oil?

For me, it’s don’t forget to add sugar to everyone else’s serving of rhubarb

Also chilli powder and clove powder.

For myself, when roasting pumpkin, you can wander off and do something else, but you should take the timer with you.


Poured used motor oil into my windshield washer reservoir once. When I change my oil I pour the used oil into an empty plastic gallon jug to later bring it a recycling center for disposal. For whatever reason, when refilling my washer reservoir I grabbed the gallon container of motor oil and poured it in. Got several ounces in before I realized it. What a mess to remove, drain, and clean ( and clean, and clean, and clean… )

Thing is, I have no idea why I didn’t notice the dark contents through the clear-ish jug, instead of the orange-ish washer fluid. :smack: