Things that are said about everyplace

“The mosquito is our state bird.”

“We have a saying here, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”

“We only have two seasons, winter and road construction.”

Are there any others?

George Carlin used to begin his act anywhere he went by saying, “Hey, I got this water out of the tap back stage. Is the water good here?”

The crowd would always say: “Noooooo!”

He’d drink it, anyway.

By the way, out of your three, the bottom two are very common here in Michigan.

Won’tcha come with me to Alabammy,
Back to the arms of my dear ol’ Mammy,
Her cookin’s lousy and her hands are clammy,
But what the hell, it’s home.[indent]— Tom Lehrer, I Wanna Go Back To Dixie[/indent]

“It’s a city of neighborhoods.”

The worst drivers I’ve ever seen are in <blank>

“If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes” has been said about every single place I’ve ever lived.

And how many cities have a “Dead Man’s Curve”?

Neither of those apply to the town where I grew up. The first one applies to where I was born albeit in half an hour increments, but not the second one.

“Only in [insert name of country]!” when complaining about the government, on the other hand…

Yes, they are. In fact until pretty recently I didnt realize the weather one was common all over the country. You’d think it’d apply more in the general area of the Midwest/Great Lakes than say, the West Coast.

<whatever city> just sucks you back no matter how many times you try to leave, or a general equivalent.

(city) is such a crappy place that if God wanted to give the planet an enema, this is where He would stick in the hose.

Oh, and unrelated, but: " It is built on seven hills"

“It doesn’t bother us…we’re used to it”----regarding the weather.
(usually as a response to complaints about the hot summers/cold winters/heavy rain/)

“We are a nuclear target, you know.” You don’t hear this now, but during the cold war it seemed like everywhere I lived took special pride in the fact that somewhere in Russia there was an ICBM with their name on it.

“[Fill-in-the-Blank] University is like unprotected sex: glad you got in, sorry you came.”

“_________ is proof that Hell is full and the dead walk the earth!”

I’ve most often heard this about small towns. A lot of different small towns, same story.

(State) is so windy because (neighboring state) blows and (other neighboring state) sucks.

Happiness is seeing ____________ in a rear view mirror.

“People here are so provincial”.

We have the most bars/restaurants/churches per capita in the whole country!

“This is the meth capital of the world/United States!”

I’m from a county that does indeed produce a lot of meth (great honor), but if I travel anywhere else in the midwestern US, I always come across people saying it about wherever they live.

“X% (i.e., some absurdly high percentage) of beer consumed yearly in the US is consumed here.”