God Damn It chique… Why the fuck are you always talking about the weather? You think I fucking care? Always knew you were Ms. Bitch. Just didn’t know you were a bitch that liked talking about the weather so much. Just shut the fuck up.

Heh. At least where I come from the weather changes every now and again. You’re just jealous that the weather is the same there for months on end. If I didn’t like you so much I’d drag your ass back to Wisconsin so you’d know what real weather was like, ya wuss :smiley:

Psh. This coming from someone who gets a little jealous that we often have night time temps of 50 degrees in Aalifornia. You can keep the frozen tundra you so quaintly call “Wisconsin”. I’ll gladly walk around in t-shirts and shorts year round.

Love you too.

this wouldnt be a pit thread without cussing sooo…

I swear i put a fucking C at the beginning of what turned out to be Aalifornia. Fuck! Damn typos. It should be California. There.

And I’m dragging Oldie’s ass most of the way back to Sconnie. Will stand on the good side of the Mississippi and kick his ass across the rest of the way.

Just for you, oldscratch :smiley:

as reported at St. Cloud, MN.
Last updated Monday, December 18, at 6:06 AM Central Standard Time ( 7:06 AM EST)

Light Snow

Temp: 1°F
Wind: -
Dewpoint: -°F
Rel. Humidity: 90%
Visibility: 2 miles
Barometer: - inches and falling
Sunrise: 7:54 am
Sunset: 4:36 pm

Awww, thanks, hon :slight_smile:

My my my! I go to bed early and you two start fighting about the weather?

There shall be no ass-dragging of oldscratch to Wisconsin or anything of the sort. Cuz, whither he goest I goest and all that shizat, and I kinda have my heart set on San Francisco. So nya!

And where the fuck is this Aalifornia of which el Doob speaks? I don’t wanna go there either! It sounds all medieval and shit.

For the record, in Rhode Island yesterday it was 64 degrees. Today, it’s about 20. Go fig.

“Temp: 1°F
Rel. Humidity: 90%”

Where the hell is that “but it’s a dry cold” my mom is always talking about? That’s no better than it is here!

I grew up in wear-a-tshirt-all-year-round weather and it sucks ass. Me, I like this cool thing they call seasons. My favorite being winter. With snow. Mmmm…snowwww.

Drop the dry cold is in Saskatchewan, currently 4F with a windchill of -44 (Sorry Scratchie). It takes a tough person to survive out here (No I don’t know how I manage) and it just makes it a bit easier to take if we talk about it ;). And Opal I’ve got a hellava lot of snow and cold I can send you. Just give me an addy and I’ll Purolate it to you. :wink:

Odieman, I’ll take the weather in Illinois, thank you. 5F–a whole degree warmer. Or half a degree, or so, Celsius. And the wind is a lot calmer.

Opal, I love winter landscapes. Both macro and micro, with things sticking out of the snow, whether dried grass or buildings.

Before this gets too MPSIMS, I would like to complain about Chicken Little weather reports. Two inches of snow does not constitute a blizzard! Wind chill, like the heat index in the summer, is a totally artificial means of making the weather sound worse than it is! Especially when it is used as a substitute for the real numbers on news teasers. And it is NOT good to have “another beautiful, sunny day” after sixty beautiful sunny days straight, and it is GOOD to have some rain interspersed in that stretch.

AND, if 25F is being described as “bitter cold,” as it was the other night, what adjective do they have left when it gets fifty degrees colder? As it probably will.

AND, when the Weather Service in Chicago keeps moving its “official” measuring station around the area, how can they make proper comparisons with years past? If we didn’t have a big lake occupying what would be the east side of town it wouldn’t make so much of a difference, but the weather is always different when you compare downtown with out at O’Hare.

Doob, honey, that would be ME bitching about the nice warm weather in Aalifornia, or wherever the hell it is you live. I left there on purpose. To live in a climate that is so cold that everything, including the zoo, is indoors.

However, I am so sick of cold that I’m leaving to go back to Texas. I like wearing shorts and T-shirts year round, too. :smiley:


AAAH!!! I know!!! Or what I hate is after a long dry spell, there will be 2 days of rain and the stupid motherfucking (hey, it’s the pit) weather people are saying “so when can we expect to see this horrible weather go away?” God I want to just SMACK them!!!

Opal, you like snow? You have my permission to steal as much of it as you want from Flint, MI. We have enough for several cities’ worth of White Christmas at this point. We have caves and a tunnel system in our front yard under the stuff, from four snow days and my sister Anna. Its nice, but excessive.

And by the way…FUCK all the tv stations who have to brag about their fucking new weather gizmo that STILL can’t help them do a decent forecast…

Do they really need anything else besides a barometer and an Old Farmers Almanac?

One of the stations out here in Assboink, Iowa brags about it’s “triple doppler” radar…but still predicted a massive blizzard on Saturday that we never got…

Having lived a few years in Chicago though…those weather dudes and chicks just go ballastic at the sight of any snowflake at all…Hello? You live in the midwest…one inch of snow does NOT a snowstorm make…

A couple years ago we were literally two months into a drought, with corn drying in the fields, wild animals dying because all of the small ponds and creeks had dried, and all the other signs that we REALLY NEEDED some rain, before the weather people started talking about sunny days as being bad, and the anchorpeople STILL pouted whenever the possibility of rain was mentioned. Smack them? I wanted to stake them out under those beutiful sunny skies for a few days.

I’m ashamed of us. Here we go on and on about the weather and we have forgotten the whole point of this thread: trashing oldscratch for being rude to chique and, by extension, all of us who live someplace where the weather matters. If you’ll allow me…

Listen, you dickless catamite, move someplace that has a fucking CLIMATE before flaming people for finding the weather important. If you would pull your head out of your well-lubricated asshole you might be a little more tolerant of people whose interests are more elemental than yours.

<sigh> Now I feel better. Next?

Well, I for one am happy to see the temperature plummeting here in MN. Keeps the snowbirds heading south where they belong instead of stayin up here complaining.

I would like to see a few degrees warmer though… The stuff that falls when it’s only 10 or so degrees is such WIMPY snow, tiny litte crysals that don’t hold together for a snowman or a snowball worth a damn.

Enough of the global warming crap… I want a tiny little mini ice age. Just for a few months, thank you very much.


Fuck you all who keep harping on me for my typo! :smiley:

You know where I live the only time we get snow is when its exactly 32F. Then the next day it zooms back up to 60F. Though like 5 years ago it went down into the negatives.