Things that are weirdly satisfying...

My addition to the list is “making an online order that totals exactly the balance on your gift card (as in down to the penny)”.

And it’s all thanks to Barnes and Nobles’ promo code offer, or I would’ve been $2.57 over!

Yeah, same here !

Even better, when you still have enough credit from a previous gift card to buy an extra item with your new gift card.

When the gas pump–running automatically–shuts off on the dollar.

Arriving at a destination where a car’s odometer reads a nice even number, like 66,000 miles.

One I’ve loved since I was a kid : looking at the alarm clock when the display shows 22:22.

Real life examples of societal changes. Yesterday two men and two children were in my check out lane. One of the men left, and the other said “We left the wallet in the car. My husband went to get it.” It made me smile, as did the children calling them “Daddy” and “Poppa.”

Teeth extraction videos on YouTube!

Don’t judge me!

When the digital clock reads 12:34. My favorite time.

12:34 always gives me a little *frisson *of pleasure, no idea why.

Having a grocery store purchase round out to exactly a dollar amount is always amusing.

Admitting this will make the anti-hunting Dopers mad.

I dislike rats, having had a couple of infestations in previous homes. They were smart and numerous and damned hard to eradicate.

Somehow I stumbled on youtube videos of ratting terriers being deployed to take out rat infestations at farms. The best ones are from England, using “Plummer” terriers. The dogs and their keepers work as a team, the keepers digging at manure piles or pulling apart heaps of debris, and the terriers lunging for the escaping rats. The sight of the terrier pack decimating the rat colony is tremendously satisfying. Not only is the elimination of vermin good, the terriers are delirious with purpose, as they are doing what they are bred to do.

Note: the rats die instantly, just as if caught in a rat-trap. Terriers are tough little bastards that know their stuff.

A good sneezing fit.

Digital wrist watch.


Grabbing a random handful of hangers out of the closet to hang up a pile of clothes, and ending up with a 1:1 hanger-to-garment ratio. This makes me happier than it probably should.

That first night’s sleep after the sheets have been washed.

My cats are friendly and will allow other people to pet them. But I, and only I, am allowed to pick them up. I get a certain narcissistic pleasure out of watching other family members and the occasional brave guest attempt to pick one up. Wherein they quickly learn: “Nope! Cat ain’t having that shit!”

Is that wrong? :slight_smile:

It’s really odd, given this quirk, that the :56 has never meant much to me. But 12:34 is just… magical, like seeing something I’m not spozed to or something.

Nice. I saw a commercial the other day for something or other related to weddings and it showed three (I think) weddings, one of which was two women. It just seemed ordinary, just another wedding. Hurrah.

Perfectly timing my driving to avoid using the brakes.

Then they held up the line for 15 minutes while we waited behind them for the wallet guy to come back, and we were all like, “goddam these queers”! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a pretty floor lamp whose lampshade got all jacked up for lots of reasons. I thought I was going to replace the entire thing just to make things look right again. My daughter insisted on going to Goodwill this weekend to bargain shop. I reluctantly took her. There is it was on the shelf - the perfect high-end, handmade lampshade. It was listed at $5 but they only charged me $3. I put it on my broken lamp and it was a perfect fit. Nobody has been as excited about a lamp as I was since that Italian leg prize arrived in A Christmas Story.

Those nose strips that clear out your pores. Grossly fascinated by the outcome