Things that "can't happen" that are poised to happen soon

With Trump getting elected, Brexit, Leicester City winning the Premier League in spite of 5000-to-1 odds, Germany finishing last in its group, etc. there have been plenty of surprises or “things that can’t happen” happening in the past few years. What is another “Can’t happen” thing that may very well happen soon?

I think the Cleveland Browns may very well be legit Super Bowl contenders in the near future, for one.

And America is heading for a tyrannical dystopia very soon.

I also suspect some LGBT advocates may one day take things to the point where heterosexuals will be required to participate in gay activities as part of LGBT education.

…why on Earth would anyone, LBGT advocate or otherwise, find that desirable or be willing to enforce or go through with it?

We will have another Terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Exactly what LGBT activities do you envision people being forced to participate in?

(This has to be one of the silliest conjectures I’ve ever heard of, but maybe I’m misunderstanding? )

So please, to what activities are you referring?

Not things like orgies, of course, but I could envision a school activity/curriculum in which students are required to watch a movie with LGBT scenes, and those who refuse or show disgust would face discipline.

How is that a can’t-happen?

The closest thing I can imagine to something like this, is that schools that have sex-ed classes will no longer assume that everyone is heterosexual, and if they already show videos with PDAs in them, will mix in some images of same-sex couples. People registering involuntary disgust, like making a face, but not directing it at anyone would not be disciplined, but people actively making fun of the images of same-sex couples, like shouting “Fags!” at the images, whispering unkind things to their neighbors, or saying another student’s name during those images (whether that student is out or not) would be disciplined.

If parents request that their child be excused from any part of the class that gives “equal time” to same-sex images, or from the class altogether if it is required, on the basis of some religious objection to being gay, I’m sure would be granted the exemption. It would be better to excuse a few kids, rather than have the parents challenge the existence of the class altogether (or just the equal time content).

That means that students acting up in the class over LGBTQ content would probably not have parents who would object to them being disciplined over it. I don’t imagine the discipline would be very stringent. They might have to write a short essay, or go to a single after-school detention (which are usually about 1/2 hour, and the student can choose the day of the week, in most schools I know of, so there is time to arrange transportation home), and that would be the end of it.

Apparently the 2011 prediction that the Turkish lira will eventually trade 7.2 to the US dollar will soon come true. As of last Friday it’s down to 6.4.

The Browns as legitimate super bowl contenders “soon” is as safe a “can’t happen” as Eddie the Eagle Edwards winning the Olympic long-jump.

An essentially single-race, single-party, single-religion America, since everyone insufficiently white, Republican or Christian will be either driven out of the country or killed within the next decade or two.

And for the above reason an America that is at best a second-tier power since it has gutted itself in the name of racial, religious and political purity.

Those two things are mutually incompatible, as we are talking about a right wing dystopia.

I find it much more likely that civil rights for LGBT (and everyone else) have passed their peak, and what LGBT advocates want will no longer be a factor since every known or suspected LGBT person in the US will have either fled or been rounded up and tortured to death in “conversion” camps.

What is the basis for this belief, which sounds totally insane to me?

Ah yes, the all powerful LGBT cabal will force re-education on the cowering heterosexual masses!

Geez, do we have to go over this again and again and again? These folks just want to be able to live their lives without being fired, denied access, tortured, and killed.

Sorry if it makes you go icky-poo just having to know they exist.

This thread cracks me up. One one side we have “The LGBT people will take over america” crowd. On the other side we have “Every LGBT person will be rounded up and killed.”

Same country, two very different projections on the future.

I don’t know how it works where you live, but around here, if a parent doesn’t want a child to take sex ed, that child doesn’t take sex ed. Period. It doesn’t take a religious, or moral, or any other basis to object.

Watching a movie is participating in a gay activity?

Does The Wizard of Oz count?

I suspect that a good sized trans-Neptunian object will be found. Its size and distance will turn out to be in the zone where we “know” that no such object can exist based on previous sky surveys.

Oh, I don’t know. We thought it could never happen and then 9/11 happened.

If that is likely, the St. Louis Browns are next for the World Series.

In a decade or two, huh?