Things that, in all logic, should work.

Here’s my example. You’re lying in bed, but you’re uncomfortable. It’s too hot under the blankets, but too cold on top of them. So, you put one leg under, and one leg on top. That should work.

If I get to the bus stop 10 minutes early most days, then on the morning that I have a minor organizational catastrophe and I’m 1 minute late I should be able to catch the bus anyway, shouldn’t I? Shouldn’t I?

That’s exactly what I do! Works for me. :smiley:

See, but with one leg warm and one leg cold, the temperature differential starts a thermoelectric current, and then one of two things happens:

  1. The resistance heating of the current passing through your body makes you too hot, or

  2. The tingly feeling of the current gives you a diamond cutter, and then try to get to sleep!

[Bolding mine]

What does Diamond Dallas Page have to do with this? :smiley:



Winning an argument with my wife.

Arguing about things on the SDMB.

Those tiny little ads.

Hang on, you’re applying logic to argumenting with a SO?
[sub]Faulty premises, anyone?[/sub]

I’ve been thinking of this one for a long time.

You know how when people are sitting, say on a bench somwhere. Someone comes along and says “Hey, can you scoot over?” A great shuffling and sliding process occurs and no one is realyl happy when it’s all over. But what should work, considering that their is space for the sitters to slide to, is that the person who needed a seat should just walk to the end, and sit there. No need for scooting and squishing.

Sadly, many deaths have been fought over this, with no resolution.


Most of the space created by shuffling was actually between the people, which is why nobody’s happy at the end; they’re now sitting closer to each other. It’s not just at the other end.

And you know what else? My last sentence doesn’t really make sense. Damn.

In theory, telling some one to calm down should make them calm down. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like that.