Things that make you go WTF? [Mary K. Letourneau hosts 'Hot Teacher' night]

Anyone else catch thisstory about Mary K. LeTourneau?

Well, I must say Mary and Vili are one couple that’s stayed together longer than I expected.
I wonder how they’ll be when she’s 75 and he’s 53. A 75-year-man with 53-year-old woman doesn’t sound so strange though.

I suppose I should be outraged at her hosting a bar’s “Hot Teacher’s Night” but honestly, I just don’t care. I just wish the two of them happily ever after, and get the fuck out of here because your fifteen minutes are way over with.

For some reason, this story seems like it could easily end (down the road a few years) in a jealousy fueled murder-suicide, with Mary-K pulling the trigger…

Apparently while she was in prison, she was obsessed that Vili was possibly interested in girls his own age, and made some rather vauge threats about harming herself.

I too am surprised that they have lasted this long, but this recent bid for attention dosent seem like it’s a positive sign for them, as before they were supposedly asking for privacy in thier relationship.

People with a past history of poor judgement continue to demonstrate poor judgement.

In other news…

Bears shit on the pope?

Or do I have something mixed up here? It doesn’t sound right. :dubious:

Wimmin. Can’t live with them in school, can’t live without them on parole.

It’s not.

In the Vatican, pope shits on you!

Also, if you’re a Catholic anywhere.

Speaking of that, who the hell thought that electing a German pope was a good idea? That’s my WTF moment. We need a Brazilian pope, dammit! We need a guy in the big funny hat walking out onto the fancy balcony with a bottle of Sangria in one hand and a soccer ball in the other.

He takes a swig, endorses gay marriage, kicks the soccer ball into the crowd, and presto, I’m a Catholic again!

How about: a Catholic Bear shits on the Pope while in the woods.

I dunno. I still think that Mary K. is not terribly stable emotionally. They did have time apart so that Vili had a chance to mature without her. I can think of other marriages that are worse for other reasons, though. The “Hot Teacher” gig is in questionable taste. That they’re married adults now doesn’t mitigate the egregious breach of a teacher’s responsibility to and conduct toward a student.


Thanks for the laugh! Have you considered writing that and sending it to your cardinal?

Yeah, I’ve written, but you know how it goes. He rolls his eyes, files another restraining order against me, and just ignores what I’ve written. I take it to my university’s writing tutors, but they don’t help much.

"OK, Linty, you should probably watch your comma use. Also, have you considered writing it in Microsoft Word instead of your own blood? Definitely easier to edit that way.

Yeah. I just feel like grabbing Vili by the shoulders and screaming

"Dude!! If you’re thirteen years old and sitting there in class watching your psycho teacher conjugate French verbs on the blackboard wondering if you should knock her up and then marry her when she gets paroled, the answer is NO! Your kid’s going to be taking hostages while robbing the Piggly Wiggly before he’s old enough to drive, dingbat. Take him and flee. Just run . . . anywhere. Raise him in Bangledesh. He’ll still be more well-adjusted than he’d be hanging around Madame Squeaky-Fromme.

Maybe there’s something wrong with Vili? NOT to victim blame or anything like that… but very often in situtions like these the victim has some sort of social issue or some sort of impairment. It doesn’t have to be obvious…like a lot of kids fly under the radar just bullshitting about friendship things.
There was a teacher-student sex case in my town. The teacher was one of those people who just radiated creepiness.
Even I got a massive creepy vibe from him, and back then I was very out of it socially.
Anyway, from what I understand most students got the creepy vibe from him.
He decided to sexually abuse a girl with a brain tumor, as well as another girl who had a learning disabilty (she was in Resource Room with me) and who may have been sexually abused when she was younger. (I still don’t understand WHY she didn’t understand why doing the stuff she did with the teacher was wrong.)

It ought to. Either people’s age differences matter both ways or they don’t.

There’s not nearly such a big social gap between 70- and 50-year-olds as there is between a child and an adult. The whole problem with the age difference is that the adult is clearly taking advantage of the child’s naivety. But at a certain point, the younger partner learns and experiences enough to make the decision for himself. If, after 40 years, the guy is verifiably sane and still doesn’t want to leave her, then that’s his prerogative.

I would like to remind the world that Mary Kay is the daughter of the late right wing nutbag, John Schmitz

And that has what exactly to do with the price of tea in China?

They gott eat, y’know?

Regardless of the terrible things she did in the past, Letourneau is now just another citizen. And while it’s not the classiest thing anyone’s ever done, the American psyche is disturbed enough that people in these situations can often find their most lucrative career paths revisiting the scenes of their greatest crimes. She’s not exactly going to get her teaching job back.


The thing that bugs me is that she has a kid older then her husband. While her and Vili might not be right in the heads how much do you think her oldest kid is screwed up?

Not to defend Ms. Letourneau, but I’m sure there are plenty of older rich men who have second or third wives that fit that criterion.

Yeah, but did most of those older rich guys start banging those girls when they were 12? At 47, Mary Kay is still far too young to be compared to creepy old dudes with trophy wives.