Things that make you look old

Inspired by a conversation with a friend yesterday. We were calling to wish her a happy birthday. My hubby and I have similar voices, so it took her a while to understand that we were both on the line. She said: “Oh! you’re using two handsets, like senior citizens!”

That was a bit of a shock.

Then there was this thread, a few months ago, where I learned that cell phone belt clips (like mine) were for the over-40 crowd.

What other things or behaviours make it obvious that you’re over 40?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II taught me how to make teenage/20-something people look older:

  1. men - mustachios, longer hair, thicker clothing
  2. women - loose clothes, make-up, hairdo

Gray hair.

using cash – young people mostly use plastic, or cell phones to buy stuff.

Two spaces after a period. I cannot stop doing this.

Using the handrails.

White sneakers, especially Easy Spirits.

I’m taking notes of all the stuff NOT to do.
Phall0106, pushing 50.*

Nothing wrong with looking old. I don’t mind “looking” old although I do mind getting old. (30)

You’re looking up and around everywhere you’re going. Not looking down at a device!

Could you look any older?

I mind the FEELing old. Everything hurts all the time. Injuring myself while SLEEPING. wtf?

My son. I was 38, but looked about 32 right before I got pregnant. Now I’m 49 and I look about 52.

What made me feel old was realizing that the movie *Star Wars *is older now that The Wizard of Oz was when I was born.

I started feeling old when I saw the American Girl historical fiction series introduced a new character from 1974, the year I graduated from high school.

wearing relaxed fit jeans

Over 40 is old? *That *makes me feel old.

Yeah, Target pants will definitely get the job done.

Making social phone calls. I’m 35 and I can’t friggin’ stand to talk on the phone. I’ll sever business relationships because companies force me to do business over the phone–I sure as hell don’t want to talk for fun. Email, text, Tweet, post on Facebook, hell, meet me face-to-face. Do NOT effing call me.

That depends on where you live. Here in NYC, lots of places take cash only. People of all ages buy stuff in cash all the time.

I hate social media as well… but it makes me look unusual, not look old. A lot of people my age (30) like social media although I find them desperate for attention & approval. (Using social media tools for socialization is unimaginable for me.)

Wearing a wrist watch. Younger people (than me) check their devices for the time. I would find it difficult to give up wearing a watch as it is such an ingrained habit after all these years of wearing one to check my wrist for the time. “Set in my ways”, apparently.