Things that most dopers would hate you for?

I…feed the pigeons in the park.

Yes my kid loves watching the swarm and running at them and getting them to take wing, so if we have some stale or moldy bread I bring it and give it to the flying rats.

I’m sure many here would have me crucified for feeding rats with wings.:smiley:

Ok, next!

A thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut is better than any of the so called authentic New York style pizzas I’ve ever had. (And I’ve been to New York)

A normal camping trip for us ends up moving over 10 tons* of boat and RV to the lake. Since the boat only gets about 2 mpg, add its consumption to the mix and we’ll often use over 150 gallons of gas for a short trip. I tell my kids I try to be inspired by Mr Gore, but can’t seem to manage his footprint yet. :slight_smile:

*20,600 lbs, according to the truck stop’s CAT scales. I call it “backpacking, Texas style”.

Blocking an entry, exit, or isle at the supermarket.

I smoke when I can and vape when I can’t.


I’m a Republican.


I’ve never eaten Mac and Cheese, and it doesn’t look particularly appetizing. Even if you add bacon.

I don’t like Tolkien.

Excellent username / comment combo.

Not being young, thin, or hot any more?

Cast iron skillets are fine, but are way, way overrated. Best used for camping when you cook over an open fire.

Typical Republican. We don’t hate you, we feel sorry for you.

I’m Canadian. Sorry.
And I get to fly regularly in helicopters, drive snowmobiles and quads, the company gives me the gear and I get paid to do it.

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and I can’t stand Led Zeppelin.

Well, I’m a Christian creationist conservative, a Dallas Cowboys fan and I find Tolkien’s writing very boring…five things that would probably get me hated.

I didn’t know we had any creationists. You should start an “ask the creationist” thread!

A few years ago I might have done just that. But discussions/debates often get very draining and repetitive and everyone leaves tired and tireder with still no agreement.

There’s nothing wrong with Dallas Cowboy fans. :smiley:

I don’t think there is anything I do that would lead to my being hated by dopers in general.

I do live in a society where a lot of people hate atheists, but I keep that pretty quiet off the boards. Dopers in general are of course accepting of atheists, a nice change from the usual.

Your being a Republican, as goofy as that is in itself, has nothing to do with why anyone hates you around here (not that I think many do in the first place.) To the extent you’re hated, it’s because your posts are too often thoughtless little swipes conspicuously more intended to rile people up than contribute to understanding and discussion. Also, your “regards” tag comes across as insincere at best.