Things that seemingly, only you do.

I’ll start the ball rolling-

Shaving my arms.

Preferring walking 5+ miles to driving there.

I know I have a million of these, but all of a sudden I can’t think of them.

-I cut my toenails very short, almost to the point where my little toes are nail-less.
-I only watch 30 minutes of TV a week. (I realize there are other people like this, but my roommate last year would watch TV constantly so I felt odd.)

I’ll probably be back with more.
27, I have a friend who waxes her arms.

I always thought everyone does this but apparently I was wrong.

Everytime I go #2 I let everything go and then I sit on the toilet waiting for everything to come out but while I’m doing this I eventually get carried away thinking about something totally unrelated that I end up sitting on the crapper for about 5-10 minutes more than I should’ve. This seems to happen everytime but whenever I tell my friends they’re silent and look at me like I’m crazy.

I have calluses on my hands from driving. I’ve taken an informal survery, and yup, I’m the only one.

Even though I sleep alone in queen-sized bed, I sleep on “my” side, on the very edge.

Every time someone asks me if I’m comfortable, I say “I make a living” and laugh hysterically. I’ll never tire of that joke.

There are some things that I only do because they are things where it seems like I am the only one who is capable of doing it. For example, whenever I hear a tone, such as car horn, I can identify its pitch and name the note, and I can tell if a song I am familiar with is playing the slightest bit too slow or too fast. Nobody else I know can do this, so I have no way to convince or prove to anyone that I have this ability.

As for routine things, I think I am the only one who writes lowercase a’s with the small loop and the stem at the top (like how it appears here), instead of what looks like an o with a vertical stem to the right (like the a as it is rendered in italics). I also think I am the only one who writes out smaller numbers as words. For example, I would more likely write, “my lunch costs me five dollars” instead of “my lunch costs me 5 dollars” as most other people seem to do.

I think I am also the only one who takes time to rename all my digital camera photo filenames, instead of posting them and distributing them with their default filenames. Too often I see pictures posted on Webshots, etc. with the default filenames.

I haven’t seen too many people use keyboard shortcuts. Most people rely entirely on the mouse. For routine things such as opening and closing files and applications, copying and pasting, etc, I find it much faster to use the keyboard for these things. I get annoyed to watch someone else use a computer and take the time to click on everything instead of just breezing through the procedures with keyboard shortcuts.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Quite a few friends of mine shave their arms.
I cut my toe nails insanly short. (I’m on Pointe, and it hurts if you have long toenails!)
And lots of people around here write their As like this: a. In fact, the minority is the other a

When I’m bored I will look at my hands. Like really look at them. How each finger moved, how the skin streaches, and all the wrinkles and lines. The longest I’ve just sat there and stared at my hands was I think half an hour- one hour. And to add the real kick to this, I don’t take drugs.

For fun, I enjoy doing repetitive, incredibly mundane edits on documents (typically spreadsheets, but sometimes text docs), the more mundane the better. The sort of thing where you type the exact same 5 or 8 keystrokes over and over and over.

I tow my dog around the neighborhood in an all terrain Radio Flyer wagon. She has trouble walking long distances but I can’t leave her behind when I walk Lucky. We are a spectacle. She smiles and seems to enjoy getting out. She will be 15 years old soon.

Sometimes when I shower I can’t remember if I washed my hair or not, so I guess I wash it twice…

In a hurry brushing my teeth, I sometimes pull the toothbrush out too far and end up smacking the front of my mouth.

I change my dog’s water obsessively which I don’t think is too terribly unusual. Thing is, I am almost always tempted to change the dog water in other places I go. If somebody leaves me alone long enough, I can hardly help myself. Sometimes I ask first, which is rude regardless. My friends know I am weird and tolerate this behavior. Or at least they pretend to.
Most of the time, I eat all of one thing before eating anything else. I like to start with dessert.

I also stay on the john longer than is required, sometimes upto 30mins… not because I don’t know if I’m done, but because it’s kinda peaceful. No one can contact or interrupt you whilst taking care of ‘business’, it’s like a universal understanding…

I waste a lot of my time doodling… which I understand everybody else does, but I never keep my work. Some doodles take 10-15 mins and are sketchy, and so belong in the trash. But sometimes I can spend 2-3 Hrs on a sketch and crumple it up as soon as it’s finished. My GF keeps telling me I’m mad, as she really likes some of the stuff I draw, but because it’s only a sketch with a blunt pencil on lined A4, and not masterfully etched on expensive artist’s paper, I feel it is worth nothing. Does anyone else share in this clearly nihilistic behaviour? :confused:

I did this last night, except with my body wash insted of shampoo. And then I got all mixed up, so I might have put conditioner on my hair twice. Not too sure.

I knew a kid at school who could do the same thing… he could tell the note of a bell or a scream/shout (again unprovable), and could play absolutely anything on the piano although he had never had a single lesson. You could even hum a tune he had never heard and he could play it as though he knew it… that sort of musical aptitude astounds me and is a gift. You and my old school mate, Jamie, are the only two people that I’m aware of with such a skilled ear.

Nah, my son does this. First time he did it, he got razor burn and asked me what he should do. My answer: “Don’t shave your arms.”

I’m the only person who cleans in my house. :mad:

I do that, too. One of my first bosses would get mad at me for not using the shortcuts, so I had to learn them all. Now, I much prefer them. They really are shortcuts! :smack:

When I’m thinking, I “count” my molars with my tongue. I never really noticed that I did this until an ex called me on it.

Also, I apparently have a very distinctive walk. Many friends have told me that my footfalls are easily recognizable. It probably helps that I’m always in heels. :cool: sneakers, be damned!

dwc 1970

  • Any number lower than ten is written out. I blame Strunk & White.
  • All photos are renamed and dated.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are a must. It drives me crazy watching other people use the mouse or, even worse, the menus!

I also only sleep on my side of the bed. Never been married so there is no reason for it.

I only eat one food at a time. For example, if presented a dinner of chicken, green beans, and potatoes, I will not eat a bite of each. I’ll eat all the green beans, then eat each food going clockwise around the plate. If anything is served in a separate dish, it’s eaten first.

My brother, the freak, does the same thing but counterclockwise.

I read my horoscope at the end of every day to see how accurate it was.

With my hand in my pocket, I fold any dollar bills I have into little squares.

I dip my french fries into my chocolate shake.

Mixing foods - I’m sure other people do it somewhat, but not to my extreme. I mix ketchup and mayonaise into a dip for french fries. I luuuuuv Indian food (esp. a buffet) because I can get some lamb curry, some sort of vegetable, some rice, some yogurt (and on and on) all together in one bite. I get sad when I can’t fit any more on the fork. And I honestly believe I can taste all of those tastes - it’s the blend that I love.

People that eat one thing at a time make me crazy. This is especially true when we’re sharing food - then the person might eat all of “my” fries while I’m still alternating between mayonaise-gooped fries and bites of my burger.

Those crazy non-mixers!


You’re not alone. In any of these things. Well, except the first one. :slight_smile:
Plus, you learn to use keyboard shortcuts very quickly when editing or using image programs like photoshop.

I used to think I was the only one who did this (doesn’t have to be chocolate though) because my friends would protest and call me disgusting whenever I did.

Me neither. I just usually get chocolate.