What weird habits do you have??

This might have been done before (possibly many times) but my comp is very slow today so searching for something is taking forever.

Anyhow - what weird things do you do that your SO never knew about you till you started spending more time together??

I do the following;
always use 2 towels after taking a shower - one for the general wetness, second to buff myself dry,
alwasy use a towel to ‘flap’ air against my body - a kind of airdrying
always use my hands to ‘scrape’ water off my skin once I turn the water off in the shower,
fold my toiletpaper in a specific way (even have different ways depending on the consistency - possibly TMI)
bounce my head from left to right in bed till I fall asleep

That’s the ones I can come up with from the top of my head…according to my bf there are plenty more

I like to answer threads with zero posts

I shake like a dog after shower. Girlfriend said that was weird. I said, “Well at least I don’t bleed from my genitals!”

I also say the most innappropriate things to almost anyone at any time.

If I get one hand wet, I always have to get the other hand wet as well.

It’s not usually a problem.

But, there was this one time…

Posting in that infernal “a” thread over in MPSIMS. It’s a habit I can’t break.

I have to shave in the correct sequence, or else I will forget to shave part of my face: under nose, chin, left side below sideburns, right side below sideburns, left side above sideburns, right side above sideburns.

In the shower, once I wash my hair, the shower’s over. A few times I’ve inexplicably washed my hair first. I realized while drying that I forgot the rest of my body.

I should note that this is usually before coffee.

I’m an ‘air typer’. I air-type words as they’re being spoken. I think it has something to do with my undiagnosed OCD.

I can’t eat combined food. I have to eat one thing on my plate, then move onto the next item.


I count my steps. I have to start on the left foot, and when I get to eight, I start over. On bad days I have to get to eight just outside the door, open it, and take the first step of the new sequence inside. Same with going up and down stairs and crossing the street. Sometimes I look really silly taking extra-long or extra-short steps to make sure it adds up just right.

Like Avabeth I believe I have a mild, undiagnosed form of OCD. Or maybe I’m just a genius and get bored and need to do something to occupy my brill mind :slight_smile:

I read signs, single words, short print forwards, then backwards.
I check to see what letters each word has in common in short print also. For example, if I saw a sign for “FREE DEER MEAT”, I would notice each word has an “e”, and only two have and “r”. Bizarre, I know.
When I get a straw out of those dispensers where you press down the lever and one comes out, I NEVER take the 1st one to roll out…I pitch that one and take the next one.
I eat candy bars layer by layer or all around the sides, then the top, then the bottom, depending on the type of candy bar.
That’s all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there’s more.

I think I like that explanation better:).

I do little weird things that make me think I have OCD. My cousin has OCD, so I think it runs in the family, and I have panic/anxiety disorder - when I was on Paxil, the air-typing and the weird habits lessened a lot. When I went off of it, they started up again.


I mentally make anagrams. If I’m the passenger in a car, and we pass a road sign, I’ll make as many anagrams as I can of that sign, until we are past it. Also, most MD license plates have three consecutive letters; I try to make a word out of those three letters by adding only one letter.

Some of the stuff you guys have posted so far makes me feel not-quite-so-weird!

I’ve never admitted this to anyone, but I pull skin off my left heel and chew on it. It’s kind of a compulsion. I scratch at it with my fingernail and then pull pieces off. Sometimes I’ve pulled too much off and gotten injured, but it’s never stopped me.

I read the small print. Including the copyright, production codes on food packages, boxes, magazines, coattail napkins, clothing labels, signs in the office, everything.

I don’t do it every opportunity or every week, but I’ve done it all my life.

Well here are a couple more…

I put sheets of toiletpaper (either strips of 2 or 3) in the bowl in a criss-cross patern to prevent back-splatter from the water.
If I’m walking/hiking I will have conversations in my head between 2 people. Unknowingly I will start talking out loud in 2 different voices untill I notice the weird look on peoples’ faces and realize I’m talking out loud.
If someting hurts me, eg painful spot on my upperarm or pain when bending, I will keep pushing the spot or keep bending in the painful direction. Proclaiming all the while that if “I do (insert painful action) it hurst”
I always walk up the stairs making sure I end with my right foot at the top of the stairs (I skip a step if necessary)
On the weekends, roughly between 6 and 8pm, I will get into a silly mood and start talking/answering back to anything on the tv
I tend to chronologically line up coins when waiting for busses or sitting on the toilet

More to follow…

I do this in my car during my commute. Although mine are more like debates because I pick a topic and each “person” only comments on one side of the issue.

I guess I’m not quite so weird after all. I do a lot of word exercises in my mind such as anagramming and trying to notice certain letter patterns, etc. If I were an avid Scrabble player I’d probably try to figure out what the value of each word is.

I also manipulate numbers in my mind. If I’m on the Interstate and the next town is 40 miles away I’ll figure out how long it should take me to get there if I maintain a speed of 75 mph.

When there is a series of utility poles alongside the road I will pace counting to 5 so that each pole passes by on every 5 I count out.

At the gas pump I will top it off to the next nickel. For example, if the pump stops at $14.32 I’ll add just a little more and top it off at $14.35.

If a sentence I am writing ends with an Internet URL or email address I’ll put an additional space between the last letter and the period that ends the sentence. I got into this habit after I got to thinking about how some people who were unfamiliar with the Internet would think that the ending period is part of the URL or the address.

I could list lots more of my little quirks.

I always look at the people in cars I pass on the road. A good percentage of the time they have this stupid look on their face that I call “highway face”. Cracks me up every time. (glazed eyes, slack jaw, neck forwards.) I have to keep myself conscious on long drives somehow.
I like to concentrate on keeping as close to one speed as I can, even as other people speed up and slow down for no reason whatsoever. I’ll change lanes to avoid having to change speeds if I can.

I also used to only eat one item at a time on my plate, but within the last year or so I’ve mostly stopped doing that.

I mix a can of Pork&Beans with Corned Beef Hash, and use it to make a big beef and burrito, with hot sauce on top.

If I’m standing on some sort of tile of floor that has lines, I have to allign my foot along one line, and in the interesection of the lines. I don’t know if that makes sense, but my SO has caguht me doing this and makes fun of me for it.

I always insist on making the bed and once my SO found out why he just had to tease me about it. The sheets have to be nice and tight and all the labels on the sheets have to end up on the lower, right hand corner. The pillow cases have to be lined up properly and the two big fluffy pillows have to have cases that match each other with two different (but matching) cases on the two softer pillows.

When we get into bed I have my two pillows (one of each) fluffed for under my head, and an extra long pillow lined up vertically to rest my back against.

I also do this weird thing of rubbing my feet back and forth against the sheets–I don’t know why I do this and didn’t even know I did it until my SO pointed it out to me. I think that sums up my anal-ness. I’m fairly flexible on other things.

I spell out words people say in my head to a beat, usually in time with my fingers from left to right. Sort of an air piano kind of thing. Plus about half the things in the posts above mine. :slight_smile:

DWC1970 - I kind of do a word-version of your number manipulating…I’ll see a word and calculate the variance between the letters and see if that variance to any of the other letters makes one of the letters of the word. I know it sounds complicated but it works just fine in my head…eg
the word life;
L=11, i=9, f=6, e=5
L+f+e=22 divided by 11 makes 2

I still make the motion of tucking my hair behind my ear, even though I cut my hair short 2 years ago…can’t seem to break that habit