things that sound dirty but aren't


um, ok, i can’t think of any more right now.

Rotary Wankle Engine

Corpus Collosum
(nerves cneecting the right and left hemisphere of the brain)

High Sticking in the Crease!

The Rear Admiral.

[sub]Thanks, Milhouse[/sub]

From the plumbing industry:

[li]Ball valves[/li]
[li]Gas cocks[/li]
[li]Ball cocks[/li]
[li]Male and Female Unions[/li]
Rubber diaphragms

[li]Tight End[/li]
[li]Wide Receiver[/li][sub]Turbochargers are nice but I’d rather be blown![/sub]

And a couple from the construction industry (gotta before somebody else does)

Tongue-in-groove paneling


I’ve got this miniature battery-operated vacuum cleaner for keyboards. Besides looking vaguely phallic, the box says this:

**Mini Super Cleaner**
*Compact, versatile, sucking-blowing cleaner. The best Tool for cleaning unaccessible corners & cracks.*

Am I thinking things, or does this sound dirty?

Fartlek (say this word fast) . This activity, whose name means “speed play” in Swedish, consists of incorporating bursts of speed into the middle of a long run.


cunning linguist

Penal system

and finally…

dirby (this one sounds like dirty, but isn’t)

I am a practicing Homo Sapiens. I matriculated in college. And my sister is a Thespian.

cock-a-leekie soup.

Liquid Plumr Foaming Pipe Snake sounds a bit dirty to me.






[li]Poop deck[/li][li]Nipple valve[/li][li]Uvula[/li][li]Woodpecker[/li][li]Pussywillow[/li][li]Sausage in a bun[/li][li]Weenies and beans[/li][li]All-day sucker[/li][li]Greasing a piston[/li][li]Lube job[/li][li]Dick Butkus[/li][li]Dick Nixon[/li][li]Westward ho![/li][li]“My, that’s a nasty gash!”[/li][/ul]


Blue footed booby

Wet Willie

Getting a Swirly

Oooo… Just thought of another great one, forgive the DP.

Ya ready?..

Spotted Dick

As in “Why yes, I would like to have a little spotted dick.”


Wait, that’s probably a dirty word to some of us.