Things the pandemic might destroy forever

I don’t really think that will be an issue once the pandemic ends. (including if the “end” means it becomes like the flu, always there in the background) Even assuming they have to have a lot of new restrictions in place (and I’m not sure they will ) , so will the alternatives. I mean, it’s not like cruises will have to halve the capacity and require mask-wearing in casinos, shows, bars and restaurants while the land-based alternatives don’t. And about the cleanliness - I’ve never taken a land-based vacation where someone was saying “happy, happy - washy, washy” while spraying my hands with sanitizer what seems like every 20 minutes ( it probably wasn’t really quite that often, but definitely before entering a restaurant and every time you got on or off the ship and other times as well)

Agreed. And many subjects are difficult to teach remotely. You might be able to manage science classes remotely for a while, but at some point the kids, even young ones, are going to need resources that simply aren’t practical affordable or safe to have in every home.

TBH, every subject is better taught in person. Learning is social. Being able to learn without social input suits a really tiny number of people, and even for them, it wouldn’t have worked when they were very young.

Zoom, Teams, and so on, starts to become less useful when there are more than six or so people. For many work meetings, it’s fine, but a teacher can’t possibly can’t track of 30 students on a zoom class.

Some kids are also accessing zoom classes via tablets or phones rather than computers and that makes larger sessions even more difficult.