things to do at night in NE

so yea I know I should post more often considering how much i lurk as this is the one web forum i can ghost at work. but out of a sudden fit or vid watching on youtube and such was wondering where to meet up with either anime fans or just people in the omaha NE area as I feel I have been wondering the wonderful world of work and sleep and curious how to break this current cycle without extreme money or travel… yes this is me at my worst some days but hey if this is my worst then at least some people on here will feel better about them selves right? Till then can’t wait to see where this all goes ^.^

Cow tipping.

Chaos shifting.

Have sex, apparently – Nebraska’s birth rate is 12% higher than that of the nation.

Just north of Downtown, we have a fine entertainment district with bars, restaurants and night life.

You have some beautiful dark skies up there, perfect for stargazing.
Omaha has a nice clubthat meets weekly to spy on the sky. It’s not anime, but astro girls are nerds, so they’re in the same family.

Crisp fall nights under a black sky are one of my favorite things.


Fellow Omahan here. :slight_smile:

I do not lead a very exciting life. My friends and I generally get together to watch DVDs and play video games.

If you are looking for an anime club, the Dragon’s Lair on Blondo meets one Sunday evening a month to watch anime and hang out. It’s been years since I went! (I won’t tell you how many.)

If you write, there is a Nebraska Novelists group that meets at the Barnes and Noble at Crossroads Friday nights. (I think that’s where they’re meeting these days.) There is also the Omaha Writers League, which meets Saturday evenings at the Village Inn near 84th and Dodge.

However if you go to Nebraska Novelists you had better be serious about your writing; they don’t play. It was not the best fit for me.

The Joslyn Museum is now free to the public. Sometimes they have events in the evenings. It’s a lovely building.

Midtown Crossing also has some things going on.

I hope you find what you are looking for!

See if you can find some people to take you snipe hunting.

True Story: I noted in another thread that when I typed “How is babby formed” into Google Maps, the #2 response was an Old Navy in Lincoln, NE.