Things to do in San Antonio

I got your e-mail, Jeff, and I wrote your number down. I’ll give you a holler later in the week (Wednesday or Thursday) to set something up.

Robgruver and his wife will be in Austin, and I e-mailed him to set something up.


I got your e-mail, Jeff, and I wrote your number down. I’ll give you a holler later in the week (Wednesday or Thursday) to set something up.

Robgruver and his wife will be in Austin, and I e-mailed him to set something up.


JeffB, no, he cleans it while they’re in there, of course. They don’t leave, and it needs to be cleaned twice a week, sometimes more.

Now, he does clean it with help, and only the day after they’ve eaten. :eek:

Cal, LOL. You’re a riot. Too funny. But right about the Alamo. Don’t make fun of it, but you will think it’s a lot smaller than you’ve probably always thought it was. Oh, and Jeff, I know just the place down there to get the really wonderful, drool over handmade chocolates. :wink:

Zyada, you’re right about the drive time. From our house, in SW SA, it takes about 45 minutes to get to the Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. San Marcos is an hour away from us.

Darian, you’re right, of course. How could I forget Fiesta!? Shame on me! :stuck_out_tongue: No, it’s gotten too expensive for me in the last few years, so we mostly watch it on tv. And, it bothers me that the kids get the Battle of Flowers Parade day off. Stupid reason, IMO. I didn’t forget China Harbor, I don’t care that much for it myself. I’ve eaten at both, and the Golden Wok has them beat, no question. And, what do you mean, is there any other talk radio? Don’t let Mr Bear hear you say that! He’s a diehard 55KTSA fan, and was most upset that Rush went to the competition.

Now, now, Chrunchy Frog. Be nice. They clean the riverwalk water about twice a year, once a year it gets a major drain-it-all-and-really-clean-it. :slight_smile: But, I agree, DO NOT swim in it, the local cops won’t be pleased.

So, there are some San Antonians here besides us! Cool! And, Mr Bear is off this Friday and Saturday, so we’re available either of those days, and almost any week night. Including your first night here, Jeff. Email me, and I’ll give you our phone number. Casey’s is also excellent BBQ, yes.

Skydyvr, it’s nice to meet you. I agree with you about the drive to Bandera, I love it.

So, when, where, how and with whom are we going to party? And, Jeff? I’m healed enough for some drinking and debauchery, JSYK. :wink: :smiley:

Robin, email me, and I’ll give you my phone number as well, I’d love to hear from you too. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to get on here much this weekend, too much going on here at Casa Bear.

And how’re YOU doin? :wink: Or, as my friends from Louisiana might say… “How y’all are?”

I’d love to go out on a night of generalized debauchery and drunkenness, however…<sigh> I don’t get drunk anymore. Hangovers now last around 72 hours…NOT fun.

I’m doing just fine, thank you. chuckles No one has called me that before; it’s kind of cute. :slight_smile:

I don’t often drink all that much either, so come on and join us. We can always have plenty of debauchery without the booze. :wink: I’m sure we’d all love to meet you, and I promise not to hug you too hard. :smiley:
So, Jeff? Robin? Anyone? Are we on, off, what’s up?

I’m on for this weekend, except I’ll have my 2 nieces on Saturday night so if there’s anything it’ll have to be kid-friendly (no strippers or anything like that…hehe ;)) But I’m down for a few beers or something. Mrs.darian is doing much better this week, so let’s get it on!

I’m on the phone with Purplebear right now, even as we speak :slight_smile:



I talked to Jeff just now, and here’s the gameplan…

We’re meeting at 2 pm (me, Jeff and I guess whoever else feels like coming) at Jeff’s hotel downtown. We’re going to see the Battle of Flowers parade, the Alamo and maybe NIOSA.

Purplebear brought up a Dopefest at the Spaghetti Warehouse. Does 4 pm work? Nothing else, as of yet, has been discussed.


I’m glad ya liked it :smiley:

I’d love to be there and have a beer with y’all, but unfortunately I’m about 7000 miles from home right now. Doing a bit of work in Bosnia. The amenities aren’t too great but the pay is good :slight_smile:


Hope you are enjoying SA, it’s my favorite city (after my native Boston)… If you are looking for a watering hole, I highly recommend the Grill on the Hill on Fredericksburg Rd. Good food, really nice people, excellent beer selection, good cigars. I was out there for a few weeks on a couple of occasions, separated by 6 months. On the first visit of my second trip, I was welcomed back like a family member. Very cool…

Also, if you like roller coasters, Sea World has some scary ones. Take a side trip to Austin too, and allow time to check out some of the attractions along the Interstate between. There’s a olde-style German village that’s quite nice, river rafting on the Guadalupe, a race track where you can take a NASCAR stock car out for some laps…

Have fun!

<<The Raven>>

As far as roller coasters are concerned, the Superman Krypton Coaster at Fiesta Texas is just about the best there is. Rode it last year; I was the only person riding in the front row! Sweet!

F.T. has some good, smaller coasters too, though the Rattler has been tamed too much. A disappointment.

Hope everyone has fun.

::MsRobyn throws up thinking about it::


I’m up for the Alamo, depending on what time you go, but would just as soon pass on the rest, for the reasons I told you on the phone. Spaghetti Warehouse sounds great, 4p is great. Are we talking Fri or Sat for the dinner get-together? <I’m assuming the 2p is for Fri, since that’s when the Parade is, but NIOSA is after dark> Mr Bear is looking forward to coming also. As for the rollercoasters: I heartily concur with your assessment, Robin. Shudders

Let us know what you all decide. You have our phone numbers.

Apologies for not getting back to y’all sooner. It’s been one damn thing after another.

::MsRobyn makes a note and tapes it to her computer that others can’t read her mind:: Yes, I meant 4 pm Saturday. (Today) I will call you right now!


I made it home from San Antonio and am finally getting around to this post. I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. San Antonio was a great place to visit, even though there were so many things I didn’t get to do. I’d like to go back when I don’t have to deal with conference stuff. The weather was beautiful.

First, a big thank you to MsRobyn for organizing our last minute get together and for going to the Battle of Flowers parade and the Alamo with me. I’m sorry you lost your drivers license – I swear it wasn’t me! Besides, I would never want to pose as someone from Minnesota.

purplebear, it was good to meet you. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet Mr Bear – maybe next time, we’ll have a trip to Seaworld. I also went to the Natural Bridge Caverns as you suggested, and they were great.

darian, sorry you weren’t able to join us on Saturday. Maybe next time.

Thanks to Freedom, Crunchy, and Demo for suggesting Dick’s Last Resort. I had a blast, though I don’t know that everyone in my party enjoyed it as much as I did.

dcnewsman, I did get to try Casey’s BBQ, and it is very good. I didn’t get to try Bill Miller’s that a couple of people recommended. I also ate at County Line on the Riverwalk, and it was good (particularly the brisket).

Zyada, darian, and skydyvr all suggested some Mexican restaurants, which, unfortunately, I didn’t get to try. I just didn’t get the chance. I did, however, get to Market Square and had one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time – a tripitas taco. It was from one of the booths, and it was incredibly good. As darian said, you may not want to know what tripa is, but it is good.

I have to say that the Riverwalk is very nice. I think the city has done a good job with how it’s been developed. It’s a real asset to downtown, though I agree with Crunchy that the water seemed pretty nasty.

The_Raven suggested a trip to Austin, which I also recommend for anyone. I wish the Austin Dopefest had worked out with my schedule. I got up to Austin Thursday night – one of the vendors took a few of us out for dinner at Ruth’s Chris (excellent, as always, especially when someone else pays), and we did a mini pub crawl along Sixth. This was the same night Jenna Bush was cited, but we missed that.

All in all, it was a great trip, and I’d love to get back and see more of the city. Thanks again to everyone.