Things We Learnt Today

Today I learnt three very valuable lessons:
When you’re making a meal to come home to in your slow cooker (crockpot) just before you rush out the door to go to work, you should make sure that little red button in the outlet does not need pushin’. Otherwise you come home to a noxious brew that’s been sitting in 95 degree heat all day and then you have to eat leftovers instead of the nice meal you had planned.
When your cellphone gets wet in a flash flood that you almost die in (or at least you feel like you will), do not “dry it out” in the oven, even at 150 degrees, even if your friends swears up and down that they do it all the time and it works. It does not. What it does is guarantee that you will need a brand new cellphone and I hope you had insurance on it like I did.
When you’re sitting around with your Jehova’s Witness coworker(s) discussing antibiotic-resistant staph infections (MRSA), do not remark upon how it is evolution in action. They do not want to hear about it.
And what did you guys learn today?

I learned that scraping and priming the ceiling of my girlfriend’s porch makes my body ache.

I learned that, even after 17 years, The Look STILL works on my ex. He’s my roommate and it’s not going so well. I was starting to get het up - he saw the look - handed me some of the back rent and did a wonderful job on the yard.

I learned (more was reminded) that after 10 days of a quiet clean house a returning teen will completely shatter said idyllic bliss within moments.

I learned that even after two weeks of temperatures in the nineties, it still feels worse when it hits a hundred.