Things where prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic

Canned soda is significantly more expensive now ($4-6 per 12 pack now when previously it was $3-4). However 2-liter bottles have stayed relatively stable ($1-2) which makes it seem like aluminum prices are to blame.

yeah I noticed this too. also there’s more variety among two liters vs cans

I’ve heard that many people have stopped returning their for-deposit cans, presumably to spend less time in the grocery store. This means the canners have to buy more new aluminum.

actually, you generally have to take them to a scrapyard that recycles the cans the stores here left the recycling biz decades ago (the ones here used a machine that looked like a coke machine ) … although I do wonder how much the state of ca gets to keep of the CRV deposit …

Not in the for-deposit states. At least here in CT most stores that sell cans or bottles of soda must accept them back and repay the deposit. Places that sell singles like gas stations do not need to do so.

I guess this is like lobster - the closer to the “source” the cheaper they are. My actually from Maine Maine Coon kitten cost me $900 in October (I signed an agreement to neuter him by 7 months old, or he’d of been twice that, ftr), which is $500 less than my other kitten, a traditional Balinese I did not need to agree to neuter though of course I did.

There are more expensive Maine Coon breeders in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, but over $1500ish is typically because you’re buying breeding rights to said kitten.