Things where prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic

That’s actually not all that great a return. $200k over 15 years at 5% per annum is $387K. Median home rate return is usually around 5.5% across the US (this will depend where you live, of course, but that’s the historic numbers over the entirety of the US I could find. 6% is the number I remember as a good ballpark estimate.) Granted, though 2004-2005 was getting close to the peak before the bottom fell out of the market.

Weights for lifting. I’m not sure what previous prices were but with so many people not able to go to gyms anymore they’ve been buying up used weights to exercise at home. Lots of ads out with people selling off small rusty plates for big money these days.

The price increase has gotten so bad that some people are now making and selling concrete plate forms where you can mix cement and make your own weights for cheaper than you can buy steel plates.

Thanks! I knew years of listening to Planet Money would eventually pay off!

Kroger seems like a rip off if they are charging 266% of where nightshadea shops at.

if you buy four packs of 12, it’s $12 total. that works out to $3 per twelve pack, $0.25 a can.

Ahh, I’m retarded.

Huh. Just last week I bought 3 12-packs of Coke for $10 at my local grocery. Not unusual to see sales like that. $5.something a 12-pack unless you buy 3.

Guess I could cash in, then. I have some 430 kg of non-rusty weight plates from 0.5 kg to 20 kg in my work(out) room.

The starting price seems to be about $2/lb, and goes higher. So your stash would bring you at least $2,000, likely more.

Yeah, went by Home Depot a few days back and wanted a couple of small 2x4s, and they were upwards of $5 for non-special 6’ ones! IIRC, they used to be in the $2-3 ballpark for the same ones, if not cheaper.

I’m talking just plain old pine studs, not any special finished or treated ones either.

While getting my hair cut a week ago, I overheard the guy in the next chair chatting with the barber. They knew each other ‘How’s your brother?’ and in the context of their conversation, it became clear he worked at Home Depot in the garden dept. He said something about he’d never seen potting soil so expensive and they couldn’t keep it in stock anyway.

Here’s a strange example: about five weeks ago I bought a 1 gallon screw top jar for $6 at Target, to put flour in. I’d wanted two, but the only other one in the store was cracked. The next time I was there, a couple weeks later there were more in stock, now $7 which isn’t so bad so I got the second I wanted. And I wandered through that aisle on Friday looking for a replacement for a wooden paper towel holder that cracked, the same jars are currently up to $8.

I know that there was a run on canning supplies last spring and summer but these jars aren’t suitable for that so I don’t know.

Pretty good investment, then, since I paid something around 400 euros for the weight room gear, back in 2007ish.

I saw an local add yesterday asking $3.95/pound for dumb bell weights; not even the large plates.

Covid timing sucked for me because I wanted to start lifting again last year and was waiting a few months for all the sales of guys getting rid of their un-used Xmas gym gear. Only then the whole planet went on lockdown and everyone started hoarding home exercise equipment.

Wait another 3 months and the fad will be over. In 6 months production will have caught up to demand and retail prices will normalize. And in 9 months all the folks who had been working out at home will be selling the stuff they no longer use and now don’t need for extra cash.

Yeah, that’s a given. I, personally, intend to keep using my stash of iron until I can’t tie my own shoelaces or so.

I just read that the increased price of lumber is adding an average of $36,000 to the price of a new home.

Steel is going up like crazy in part because of the increased price of energy, and there may be shortages and subsequent price hikes in gas and oil this summer because pupeline capacity had shrunk and there aren’t enough truck drivers to meet demand.

New cars are in short supply due to chip shortages from Taiwan, driving up the price of used cars.

Out west, Kroger is selling 3 12pks of soda for $8