Things you are surprised to find have leagues

I was poking around online looking at pinball machines and discovered a local pinball league. I had no idea that there were pinball leagues! Bowling, baseball/softball, tennis, and curling I knew about, but not pinball.

What sports/hobbies/pastimes have you been surprised to find have leagues? Or what leagues do you know about that people might be surprised to learn exist?

Under the sea. Thousands of them.



I know a few people I’m pretty sure are in league with Satan, but I don’t know what sport or activity is involved.

I was surprised to learn about the existence of duckpin bowling leagues when I first heard about them. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, but since I’d barely had any knowledge of the existence of duckpin bowling at all at that point, it was a bit of a shock.

I was a little surprised when I first heard of golf leagues, too. But I don’t play golf, and I assume I’d have heard of them long ago if I’d had any involvement in the sport.

Yes, my parents and one of my brothers were in golf leagues. Men’s, women’s, mixed, scrambles, four ball, etc.

They call it “professional” but, let’s be honest, it’s just a national league.



All the games have five sides.

A friend is/was in an adult’s dodge ball league. I think this has become fairly common, so it may not shock a lot of people.

Not sure how surprising these are but I know of leagues for kickball, darts, ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, and volleyball.

Red headed gentlemen.

Long-since defunct, unfortunately.

What about the Extraordinary Gentlemen? They still going strong?

I played in pool league. I know there are a number of them.

I see you are in Maryland. That’s where I last played duckpins, although there are lanes not far from here. I never really thought about duckpin leagues, but it makes sense that they exist, bowling alleys depend on league play to get by.

I’m a fairly recent transplant to the area, and really knew nothing of the sport. But I’m an avid tenpin bowler, and I actually enjoyed duckpin quite a bit when I tried it. I considered joining a league myself.

It has more staying power than 43-Man Squamish, anyway.


Come to Canada, and discover five-pin bowling. It is quite popular, and five-pin leagues are common.

horseshoe pitching leagues

In NYC, there are lots of LGBT sports leagues. (other cities too)