Things you do that kids shake their heads over.

Oh…commeeee onnnn. Admit it. You’re still a kid in many ways. What things do you do or still do that are kidlike? Or things you did when you’re a kid?
What types of things would make KIDS jealous if they knew you still enjoyed them? Or what things can you now get away with being an “adult” that you loved doing as a kid? :slight_smile:

My growing list:

-I love happy meals. They’re conveinent, quick, and best of all, they COME WITH A COOL TOY! I tell you, the Kid’s Meal toys are so neat these days. You’ll still find me getting one and playing with it. :o

  • I don’t make my bed.

  • I’ll eat Fruity Pebbles or Count Chocula cereal. Sometimes just plain out of the box.

  • I like swinging on the swings at the park.

  • I watch cartoons. And not Adult Swim either. I’m talkint Smurfs, Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, Nicktoons.

  • When I’m in the presence of only myself, I chew with my mouth open. :o

  • I love candy. And dessert. Cakes, cookies, pies…mmmhmm! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoiled my dinner. :eek:

  • I love playing video games.

  • I like rides. Like, amusement park rides. All of them. And I’ll go alone and spend the whole day there too.

  • I LOVE board games. Trouble, Sorry, Monopoly, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, you name it. Not to mention Skip Bo, Uno, Jenja, Twister. :slight_smile:

  • I do things like silly dances, moves and expressions in the mirror when I’m alone. :o:o
    I sure hope I’m not the only one! :eek:

I would do this one, but after watching Mythbusters this past week, I’m pretty sure it’s not safe for an adult. Perhaps if I were a small adult, but as it stands, no. I don’t want to take the risk. I do still ride the merry-go-round, though.

-I love almost any board game.

-I speak in silly voices all the time.

-I love cartoons too. I’ll watch almost any cartoon.


Wow, ** Idle Thoughts**, we must be related.

I do EVERYTHING on your list!

Yeah, except I do this when there are other people around.

I jump in the occasional puddle.

I color. In coloring books. With crayons and markers.

I sometimes dance a little for no reason (but never in front of a mirror!).

I’ll have to ask for a hijack so you can explain: should I not be swinging on swingsets? :eek:

I won’t swing on backyard sets or anything, but I have a hard time passing up the great big ones that are set in concrete and have the black rubber seats on chains that can cost you a finger if you’re not careful when you twist them up…

The Mythbusters tried to see if it was possible to do a 360 on a swing set.

The answer: No, unless you had rocket engines attached to the swing.

Ok, but I imagine that wouldn’t be safe for a child, either. Was there any indication on that episode that there’s something about swingsets that is ok for kids but not adults?

On the show, they went out and bought a swing for their experiment. Upon flipping it over, the bottom of the swing stated that it was not for adult use. I just don’t feel comfortable swinging under those conditions. (then again, I never rip off my mattress tags either, and I always try on new clothes, if possible, before I buy them. I’m risk averse) But I’m not going to prevent anyone else from doing it.

Well the good news about that is if the swing were to break it would do so when you are closest to the ground. The bad news is that is when you are going the fastest so you might skid a bit on the ground.

Ditto. And not just for the cool toy. The happy meal size portions are better, as far as I’m concerned. Most fast food burgers are too freaking big – just a plain cheeseburger is my preference. And I love french fries, but the ‘adult’ sizes are huge – the little envelope in the kid’s meal is a proper serving. And the soda, too – I don’t drink much soda, but I like it with a burger and fries, and I don’t like diet soda. An adult ‘regular’ at most places is like a half-bathtub full of Coke – I’d never finish it. A kid’s meal is just right. Plus you get the cool toy. And, at Wendy’s you even get a little cup of Frosty, too, for dessert!

Also ditto. In fact, sometimes dessert is my dinner!

I do these things, too, and not always when I’m alone. I love to act silly and don’t mind doing so in public. Just yesterday I was at the grocery store with my daughter and was singing along with the Muzak Christmas carols, making up new words and skipping and dancing.

Plus I love children’s books and often reread my favorites, or pick up new ones to read.

Can I have your autograph, Mr. Carrey?

Do people really make their beds? I have trouble thinking of a more pointless waste of time.

That’s probably an IMHO or a really lame Pit thread in the making, but yes, they do. I do. It wastes maybe a minute. Two if I’ve had a bad night. That’s just-awakened time, though, so it isn’t as if I were going to do anything productive with it otherwise.

Ha! I wish I got payed for it!

-I still stir my ice cream before I eat it, so it’s like soft serve.

-I still sleep with my teddy bear. Mostly it’s because over the years, I’ve gotten so used to using him for a pillow, I just can’t sleep otherwise.

-I collect toys (mostly dolls, some Star Wars stuff)

-I, also, do not know how to dance, yet I don’t let that stop me. Alone, with people, whatever. You should see me at bar mitzvahs. I just go out there, make myself look like a complete idiot, and have the best fun while doing it. :smiley:

-Wait, some people actually make their beds?

-When my dining hall has it (they rotate cereals) I have a big bowl of Lucky Charms, just like I couldn’t do all those times as a kid.

-No more bedtime! HA!

I have a LOT of stuffed animals.

If I want ice cream, I eat it. If it spoils my dinner, whoopie.

I don’t make my bed unless someone is coming over I want to see the wallpaper in the bedroom.

Okay, you know how lots of kids really loooooove dinosaurs?

I’m still like that. I have noted the showings of those Walking with Dinosaurs programs on Discovery Channel on my calendar so I don’t forget to watch them. I received this book for my birthday from friends who know me well. (Totally awesome, btw, highly recommended for other fans of dinosaurs. Ignore the fact that it’s intended for kids age 5-8.) I am in no way above making plastic dinosaurs toys do battle. In a slightly more adult vein, I’m also a dinosaur docent at the Field Museum.

I also like cartoons, especially with superheroes. Batman:TAS and the current Justice League are a couple of my favorites.

-I’ve been known to eat ice cream or cookies for breakfast, by the way.

-I still dunk my cookies in milk until they’re soggy.

-I still like reading children’s books.

Oh yeah, and I like children’s books too. Not just YA books, although I still read them, I’m talking picture books. One of my favorite books in the world is Click Clack Moo. (I also enjoy the authors’ Duck for President.) It cracks me up every single time.