Childish guilty pleasures?

Do you have any things you enjoy that could be seen as “childish”?

I like to take bubble baths instead of showers.

when i make cookies or brownies i have to make double just to actually make a batch

Dandelions that have gone to seed are meant to be blown.

My neighbors probably hate me.

Whenever I am not feeling well, I remember back to my parents, particularly my mom and would try to recreate the care she gave me when I was sick. I make decisions based on what her decision would have been. So if I was suppose to be somewhere (like work), but she would have canceled it back then, I cancel it. I also would get some treat for myself, and make certain foods that are indicative of that time. Basically I would relinquish care and responsibility of myself to the state of a sick child in the trusting care of another (who I ‘play’).

I read young adult books. Not exclusively, of course, but I don’t see any reason not to read them. I can’t help it if I’m fifty-one years old.

My ‘childish’ guilty pleasure? Reading Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books. :relaxed:

I also find myself reading YA books. Usually someone’s recommendation where they fail to mention it’s YA, I start reading it and realize it’s for a younger demographic and then read it anyway. Some good stuff!

I enjoy “kiddie” movies (Paddington, Hotel Transylvania, Despicable Me, etc).

I cuddle stuffed animals in stores.

Some people think I have a childish diet / food tastes.

I still play the video games. Which fits in a weird space where you have adults spending thousands on PC components for gaming so hardly something your average kid would be doing and yet saying “Oh, I play video games” at many adult functions is still gonna get you some looks.

If I can find it on the tube: Teletubbies! (Uh-oh!)

There are whole classes of grown-up type games that almost require an engineering degree to fully understand what is going on: simulations. Particularly the technical ones. Detailed WWII submarine simulation? Yes. How about a base-building simulation on an airless, hostile moon, where physics plays a strong role? Especially yes.

I play a lot of these and don’t think of it as a childish behavior. Meanwhile, my teenage son plays a lot of Fortnite, which is age appropriate. He stays far away from the sims that I spend time with.

As for my childish guilty pleasure…I like sweet, sugary “kids” cereals. Like Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, etc. I haven’t had any in over 5 years, but really adore the stuff, and have since I was little. Funny thing is that my kid hates cereal of all types and will never eat any.

I have no issues with a sim-style game or story-based games or just headshotting zombies into satisfying red bursts. I don’t really classify them into “age appropriate” or not aside from whether or not they’re appropriate for kids due to content. But if a fun game has a purple cartoon cat collecting bubbles, I’m still gonna play it.

Ah, maybe I should have said “…Fornite was designed for his age group…”

But FWIW I too play Fortnite and even Minecraft. :wink:

I like to go in to stores this time of year when they have their “motion” or “animated” holiday toys on display. And I push the button to start every one of them on the shelf. At the same time.

My husband once took two voice-activated talking things and put them facing each other so they were “conversing”. I think store staff were understandably less than enthused.

Petsmart had a bin full of screeching monkey plush toys right next to the register. I couldn’t help myself.

Fortunately, having a 4 and a 7 year old I can hide most of them as “just playing with my kids”.

Oooo,which game is that?

I like bubblegum pop music. Anything with a really catchy melody. The more mindless the lyrics, the better.

I like blowing dandelion seeds, too. I also like dumb kids’ jokes, and Pixar movies, and have a ferocious sweet tooth.


I haven’t played anything in years. I’m thinking about downloading a WWII submarine game maybe.

Me too. Have you heard Mika’s “Lollipop”?