Things you notice that others don't.

I always notice when people are writing or doing something very one-hand orientated with their left hand. It’s probably because I’m left-handed myself.

I also think I’m pretty visually observant in general. And I am quite good at getting right to the possible flaws in other people’s plans or ideas. I expect it can make me quite an annoying person at times.

What kind of things do you notice that others don’t?
(And if you are left handed, do you tend to notice other left handed people?)

I notice when the guy that uses the restroom in the office doesn’t flush twice, and leaves a couple sinkers or floaters (or the dreaded one of each :eek:). He doesn’t seem to notice (or care).

Twice? Does it need more than one flush to get rid of the, um, matter?

I notice when people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom (as my boss once didn’t).

I notice when flags are incorrectly displayed.

I notice when people get their history wrong.

I notice grammatical errors.

I notice when my sister is trying to manipulate me.

A Doper notices grammatical errors? Riiight! Next, you’ll tell me that fish swim.


You misspelled “right.” :wink:

Yes. Our office toilet sucks. (But obviously not well enough).

I notice when people drive like idiots (i.e. being in the wrong lane, stopping too far forward at lights).

I notice changes in personality based on number of drinks. I could tell you, +/- 1, how many drinks somebody I know has had if I’ve drank with them once or twice before.

You mispelled ‘wink’.

I notice missing and extra punctuation. I can glance at a single-spaced page of a contract and quickly notice the 2nd period after the sentence, the missing period, a semi-colon where a comma should be (and vice-versa), etc. Drives the secretaries crazy.

[double-checks punctuation… looks OK.]

I notice traffic flow at red-lights, and foot traffic in crosswalks. It drives me up the wall that some people will cross without looking to see if someone’s about to hit them or not. It also bugs me when someone doesn’t know when it’s OK for them to cross. Simple rules people!

In Britain the pedestrians have right of way at most pedestrian crossings, but I personally judge when I cross so as to avoid being hit by those drivers who are not paying attention. The correct thing to do when approaching a crossing is check either side to see if anyone is about to cross. This isn’t an opinion, it’s what my driving instructor taught me.

Microphones. I used to be a sound engineer, and modern microphones being used in period films drives me nuts. Even worse though is vintage microphones being used wrong. Most pre-1950s microphones are side address, i.e. you sing or talk into the side. But again and again I see the right microphone used wrong! It’s like a character aiming a rifle at someone butt first. Drives me round the bend.

See, I was always taught to stop and look both ways before crossing the street. It’s especially important when there’s ice on the road to not assume that the delivery truck can stop on a dime. Especially rude is crossing against the light pattern. You have the right of way when the parallel path has the green light. Stepping into an intersection is a rather rude way to commit suicide.

I’m not left handed, but I notice people who are.
Left handed girls are inexplicably sexier than their right-handed counterparts. Left handed guitars are awesome. I hate that Twilight Princess (Wii) Link is now right-handed.

It some kind of sickness, I tell ya…but we’re getting away from “What do you notice?” to “What makes you a freak?” so I guess I’d better stop there…

Oh I agree you should look both ways. I was taught that too. I’m just saying that technically, if you get run over on a level crossing then according to the law it is the driver who is in trouble.

This sounds really obvious, like something everybody would notice, but they don’t: changes in facial hair. It’s always surprising to me when I shave my beard or someone else shaves their’s and nobody seems to notice. Once you point it out they’ll often say “oh yeah… I thought something was different”.

I always notice rings- it’s the only item of clothing or apparel or accessories that I do notice, but I think it’s interesting what rings people wear on their fingers. And ditto to the above: I always look both ways when crossing a one way street because I’ve personally driven the wrong way on too many of them.

I always thought the left-handed-girl = sexier thing was just my bias.

I’m not at all observant of little things visually but I am online. If I’m a regular on a forum after a while I spot sock puppets almost immediately. Sometimes I can’t even pin down the specific phrases, spelling/grammar errors, topics they’re interested in, positions that they hold, fights they’re continuing or who they’re trolling that cause me to check IPs but I’m almost always right. If not I usually kept it to myself until they messed up because it sounds stupid to say 'poster x just feels like poster y to me". When I’m not a mod I don’t care and just sit back and watch until someone figures it. Sometimes it’s funny.

I also notice smells that no one else notices until they become much stronger and I notice details about homeless people because I worked with them.

how about the obligatory pa squeal in every movie where someone speaks into a mic at a podium? my husband’s a sound engineer too, this drives him nuts

After a full year, I just noticed what your user name comes from. I bet some people didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty easily explained, actually.They give better hand jobs when you’re driving

Did you, by chance, grow up in North America?