Things You've Never Noticed, and Now You Can't Stop Noticing

Have you ever been oblivious to something, and then all of a sudden someone points something out, then that’s all you see??

For me, I have never noticed the arrow in the Federal Express (FedEx) logo, until someone pointed out what a smooth, almost subliminal advertising technique that is…
Has this happened to you? If so, what can’t you stop noticing now?

When I saw the thread title, I immediately thought of the FedEx logo. I catch myself staring at it, wondering how I could possibly look at it for years and never notice that.

If you watch reruns of The Golden Girls, pay attention to when they’re in the kitchen. Under the ice dispenser on the refrigerator, there’s a mug. Sometimes it’s yellow. Sometimes it’s white. Sometimes it’s not there at all. I wish I had never noticed it. Why is it there? Is it an inside joke? Did Sophia forget it? Stupid mug.

I’d never noticed this so of course I had to immediately go to the FedEx site so I could look at their logo.

Wow… there IS an arrow there. Now I have to quit my job and go full time into checking corporate logo’s for hidden messages.
Boy is my wife gonna be pissed…

This happens to me with people’s nervous tics and speech mannerisms. I’ll be completely oblivious about them till someone says “isn’t it annoying how Bob always licks his lips/stutters/plays with his pencil”. Then I’ll see ONLY that, and it’ll drive me nuts.

Also, after going to, I always see all the mistakes in the movies I watch. They just JUMP out at me now, but I never saw them before that website told me about them!

If the FedEx arrow (which it took me some time to spot) was intended to be subliminal, then surely it’d go left-to-right? Seems more like a smart-arsed designer to me. Nonetheless, it’ll bug me :smiley:
On Friends - listen to the laugh track. Ignore the script, and listen to how obviously cut-and-pasted the laughter is. Once you notice it, it’s really fucking irritating. (And I’m not making it up - I’ve seen a ‘behind the scenes’ programme, where they show the guy with his stock of laughter files sorted by length and loudness.)

I’m looking… and I don’t see the arrow at all on the website.

And yet I seem to recall seeing it before so I wonder why I don’ see it now.

Just look… between the second E and the X, pointing to the right. It’s there!

Thanks, yeah I’d noticed before but forgot lol I do that sometimes.

FROM the right, surely? Or do we Fedex on the other side, in Britain? :smiley:

OK, here’s one for almost everyone to observe - Microsoft’s cursors are wonky. Look closely, and you’ll see the tail isn’t in line with the point.

No, to the other right!
Seriously, can you describe your arrow?

Ailanthus. One day I started noticing the ugly weedy tree all over the place, and I finally searched the internet until I found its name. Now, I’m completely obsessed with it. I have nightmares about it sprouting under my bed. I wish the damn tree-of-hell would leave me alone!

[sub]Not really. I love it.[/sub]

The arrowhead is the right half of the bottom of the D, with the stalk of the arrow extending rightwards - so the arrow is pointing right-to-left. Surely it can’t work any other way?

Monstro, you have given a name to my bane. Oh, I hate that damn stinking trash tree. Hate it.


Dammit, I had to go look at the FedEx logo…

Not one of mine but John Byrne wrote when he was retconning Superman a couple decades ago he said that he never saw the “S” in Superman’s chest logo but instead always saw it as two fish swimming past each other.

The empty space between the E and the X makes a right-pointing arrow. It’s ridiculously obvious once you spot it.

By contrast, I can’t see GorillaMan’s at all. The right half of the bottom of the D? Buh?

I hate you, I just wanted you to know that :smiley:

::goes to look for straight cursor::

And the FedEx logo…remarkable. It actually took a few minutes to see, since it’s in negative space. Those bastards.

Well smack my ass. There IS an arrow.