Things you really ought to be able to do by now. But can't.

Some things you get the hang of. Some you don’t. Some you never will.

Keeping my desk organised. I know how. I have the room and the time. I know people who can manage this, and I admire them. But for me… it just never happens. I live in perpetual ‘where-the-***-is-it?!’ desk purgatory. It’s like I’m six or something.

Paying stuff on time. Phone bill, credit card, all that jazz. I can pay them on time. I want to pay them on time. But does it happen? Does rain fall up? The day the bill comes in, first it goes on the “I’ll deal with that this evening” pile. Then the Magic Time Warp Fairy does her thing, and it’s 5 weeks later, and I’m getting the “Pay up or else” heat.

Putting CDs or videos back in the right cases after use. I mean to. I want to. Never happens.

Any other offers?

Ok. So compared to the things you don’t do, ianzin, I am a complete moron. I’m 25 and still have trouble differentiating left and right. I know my left hand makes an “L,” but sometimes thats the only way I can tell.

hehehe don’t feel bad racerx

20 year old female here, and i have yet to grasp that whole left/right concept myself :slight_smile:

I still have to recite “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” to remember the direction of the points of the compass.

See ianzin? I knew you were an all-right guy. I can’t do any of those things either. I’m especially bad at all those things my mother taught me to do…making beds…ironing clothes…doing the dishes right after dinner…

Which leaves me wondering…Can I do anything I’m supposed to? Feh. I’m a heckuva nice chick to be around though. Doesn’t that count for something?

‘Righty tighty, Lefty loosey’.

I have learned to not say it aloud, but my lips still move.

ianzin, have you been looking at my house and my bills? That was my answer! Me? I can’t:
[li]drive a stick shift[/li][li]remember to take laundry out of the washer until the next day[/li][li]stay focused and keep from getting distra[/li][li]remember to eat[/li][li]control my temper (usually because of the above)[/li][li]dance[/li][li]ice skate[/li][li]trill an “R”[/li][li]put my hair into a bun or fancy hairstyle by myself[/li][/ul]

*Originally posted by screech-owl *
**[li]stay focused and keep from getting distra **[/li][/QUOTE]

GAH! distracted

remember to read and correct the preview

I too just learned my Left from my Right just in the past couple of years. I also could never spell “Beautiful” until I started sounding it out funny to remember how to say it. I can’t say the word “specific” either.

My biggest woe is tying my shoe laces. Somewhere I missed out in the learning process because I can’t ever get my laces to stay tied. My husband ends up tying them and double knotting them for me. I always feel like retard when he does that.

Every single thing that ianzin and screech-owl said, plus:

Remembering to check the fluids in my truck
Remembering that it’s not personal (with most things that people go off on me about, anyway)
Most housework
Cooking (I can burn water… literally)
Keeping foot out of mouth

Well, those are a few for now!

Yeah, me to! I’ve always needed an extra second or two to figure out the whole “left/right” thing.

Hey, racerx, I dig the "I know my left hand makes an “L,” deal. I never through of that. Mind if I use that? That one, combined with my “I write with my RIGHT hand” bit, should finally move me up to the semi-normal intelligence category. THANKS!!!

*Originally posted by screech-owl *

*Originally posted by screech-owl *
**[li]stay focused and keep from getting distra **[/li][/QUOTE]

GAH! distracted

[li]remember to read and correct the preview **[/li][/QUOTE]

Hey, I thought it was funnier the way you had it to begin with… kinda proving your point. :smiley:

tubagirl, that’s not your fault! In the last few years, they’ve (they being shoe manufacturers) mostly switched to round laces, as opposed to flat ones. Also, most laces now are made out of a synthetic, nylony type material, instead of cotton. The old flat cotton laces tied much tighter than the current ones, and laces coming undone has become much more commonplace.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

B_P Sure! We non-left/right knowers need to help each other in any way possible. The “hand I write with” never works for me unless I can actually pick up a pen.

Connor Thanks so much for the shoe lace round explanation! My fav shoes have round laces and I can never seem to keep them tied. I feel like such an idiot when I tie them and 5 minutes later they are flopping about again.


Add me to those who don’t know left from right. I do, however, know my left from my otherleft.
I apparently cannot file properly either. My Rolodex is so convulutedly cross referenced, that I am the only one who can find anything in it. Example…Mr. Smith, our attorney, sometimes he is filed under S for Smith, sometimes he is filed under L for Legal, and sometimes under A for Attorney. It all makes perfect sense to me. I also cannot calculate percent in my head, unless it’s 50%.

:::sigh:::hangs head in shame:::

I learned that in high school.

And I still occasionally forget right and left.

screech-owl, you and carnivorousplant should get togeth

Add me to the “Dear Mr. Deadbeat” letter list. I’m not hurting for money, I’m not out of checks, I just can’t remember to pay the &@#^ bills! I also don’t keep up with my clutter, but I’ve come to a kind of Zen oneness with it–it doesn’t bother me now, and I can find stuff in it.

My problem is knots. I can’t tie knots–square, half-hitch, what-have-you, I can’t make 'em stay. My usual solution is to tangle rope into an inextricable Gordian mess (not always on purpose), then cut it loose later. Rope is cheaper than therapy.

I’m in law school, I’ve done mock trials, and yet I still forget how to tie a necktie as soon as the knot is done. Every time it comes up, I have to zip over to and download their 2torial…

Knots in rope, though, I can do. You should see my one-handed bowline.

Hey thats great!! What a big help.

Well. I DO know my left from my right, but I can’t skate. There, I said it. I’m Canadian, my boys are very good hockey players, and I can’t skate.
Stop laughing at me…crazy bastards.