Things You Shouldn't Need To Tell People

I hope we didn’t just kill the thread. :wink:

Or fungal pneumonia.

And again, since it is a legal product / billion dollar industry, thinking people should know not to use it at all is ludicrous.
I’m sorry for your and others’ allergies; if I knew you IRL I would not wear it in your presence; the world at large has no such obligation.

But I bet you can’t beat me at air drums. I can play a set of at least a twelve toms fantasy battery, while gently kicking the hi-hat.

Are you as good as this guy?

(Sorry I’m a little late with this, and I hope I haven’t been ninjaed.)

Ah for shame, sadly the video is not available in Germany.

Do not pet, feed, or interact with wildlife.

Do not throw gender reveal parties with anything other than balloons or signs.

Google “Rowan Atkinson invisible drums” and see if there is a version that is viewable in Germany. (Have you seen it before?)

Ah, thank you, I found this. It’s incredible! And no, I couldn’t do it :laughing:.


For those who can’t see the picture because of a fail on my part, its a decal stuck to the ceiling next to a fire sprinkler. It has a red circle with a line over a hanger, under are the words “Contact Withe Sprinkler Will Cause Flooding”.

Just because your friend owns a car does not mean they are going to give you rides all the time.

So does that mean the store is keeping the customer’s info on file, recognizing the account number on the cheque, and filling in the payment amount, date, etc?

I’m not sure whether any grocery stores here even accept cheques anymore. I know the one across the road from my old apartment in Toronto stopped accepting them in 2008…

No, you still have to hand them a blank check. Your account and routing information would be on the check you hand them - they don’t have that information on file. All they’re doing is running it through a printer that prints the amount, the store as the payee, and the date.

Some businesses around where I live no longer accept personal checks, but that’s still unusual. I don’t think there are any grocery stores that don’t accept them. They’d probably lose considerable business if they stopped accepting checks.

I have a rule: if your perfume is making my corneas itch, it’s too strong. There was someone in the office at my old job who wore that much perfume. I was starting to wonder whether it was corroding my contact lenses.

Today I had a real “this is not a pipe” moment with a customer, who insisted that a photo of her passport on her phone was as good an ID as the real document. “I don’t understand, this IS my passport!” Right before closing, I didn’t feel like explaining the difference between image and reality to a grown woman.

Ah, okay, that makes sense. It’s been so long since I’ve used a cheque that I didn’t quite remember. :grinning:

Stop ‘trying to help me’ you are making things worse.

I consider it rude and an invasion when I am on a computer and someone comes up and casually looks at my screen without being invited to do so.

Maybe I’m alone in this.


Not at all! I cannot stand that! It’s incredibly rude, unless you’ve actually asked them to look at something.

I’d have to add please pick up the stinking dog shit even in your own yard. It’s nasty smelling, attracts flies and is an environmental hazard.

If you smoke, you stink, and your house stinks. Do not think washing your clothes in stinking laundry detergent, fabric softener, and those laundry beads is going to help. Do not think sticking cheap smellies in the electrical outlets, of ‘Hawaiian Vacation’ and ‘Floral Bouquet’ and such are going to help. You only add one big layer of stench on top of another layer of stench.