Things You Shouldn't Need To Tell People

People who snap their fingers to get someone else’s attention should have their fingers broken. Especially if they do it to call a server in a restaurant.

My cousin got a server gig at a country club dining room. A nice-but-not-fancy place… although one entitled old over-dressed biddy never figured that out.

snap "Oh, girl …Girl!" snap, snap

“Girl” slowly walked across the room. All eyes followed her…
She finally arrived at the table, and loudly asked “You snapped, Ma’m?”

My final-year high school math teacher liked having us do that. It meant she could concentrate on what she was doing on the blackboard, and not pay attention to the class until requested. And the call-out caused minimum disruption.

I needed to modify that behavior when I got to university …

Once, in a restaurant in Paris, a family from Texas was at the next table. The patriarch was dressed in full Texan drag… he never took his cowboy hat off, and his boots actually had spurs. He had a big, booming voice, and loved to order people around. When he wanted to get the server’s attention, he’d snap his fingers and yell “Parlez-vous, boy, parlez-vous!”

I was not only embarrassed to be an American during that meal, but embarrassed to be the same species as that man.

Unless you’re also Texan, you’re not the same species.

Hey people that I work with. After you brew your morning Keurig, throw your flippin’ used pod in the garbage, ok? Stop leaving it for me to dispose of.

Even with a prominent “please dispose of your used K-cup” sign, it still happens daily.


I remember our high school biology teacher’s response when someone snapped their fingers at him when they raised their hand to answer a question: “Do I look like a dog to you?” :sweat_smile:

I once had a food stamp client snap his fingers at me because he wanted help on the computer. I walked over and told him that I couldn’t help because dogs don’t know how to use computers. I then walked away to help the next person who had a computer question.

Ugh! That’s so demeaning and classicist as hell. I want to put their whole hand in a vice and crank away.

Another one that’s kind of related is someone who beckons someone to come to them by using their index finger repeatedly extending/retracting or pivoting it about the knuckle joint. People who are, or believe they are, authority figures do this a lot. Hey asshole, if you want me to approach you for whatever reason, over a smile and a friendly slight hand wave. I’m not an 8 year kid that you’re about to admonish.

It almost sounds like he was taking travel advise from this thread. Really, it’s like someone told him that the French really love American western movies, and they will all be thrilled to meet a real life Texan cowboy.

You snap your fingers at your dogs? There’s a culture thing right there. I’ve never seen anyone snap their fingers at a dog.

Yeah, I could see “Stop whistling, you’re not calling a dog.”

But it someone said that about snapping, I’d be mystified.

Well, as far as bird feeders, that depends on where you live.
We used to have a couple of bird feeders out back, and my cats LOVED to watch them. My dad made them this little perch right up against the window, and they’d sit there for hours, just watching the birds and a few squirrels that would come by as well.

Unfortunately, it started attracting a bunch of deer, so we had to take them down. :frowning:

The cats still like the perch, since the sun comes in. But it’s still a shame.

I gave this bird feeder to a friend for Christmas last year. You stick the feeder to the window with suction cups. Her kids love watching it. I imagine a cat would, too. Maybe you could put some sort of one-way mylar-ish film on the window behind the feeder so the birds would see their own reflections instead of salivating cats.

I don’t think birds see through glass very well. We used to have a bird feeder hanging between two window perches and the birds never seemed to notice the cats less than 5 inches away. Cats sure noticed the birds, though!

We have this. It’s fun, but be prepared to wash bird crap off of everything in the area. Our only practical placement was the living room picture window, so hosing down the porch is a regular thing.

And we can’t remove it because it was a gift.

FWIW the birds don’t seem to mind if we watch them through the glass.


People who love old books need service to, you know.

If your two options at making a turn are

A. Drive across heavy traffic to get to the opposing lane you want to get but are too timid to actually make a break during the 5 second intervals you’re given so you wind up taking 3 minutes to literally make a single left turn

B. Go the easy right with traffic then make a simple U-turn at the light taking up only a minute of your time

Go with Option B every single time.

And yet I’ve had so much of my life wasted by people wanting to take the direct yet incredibly time consuming approach.

I’ve sometimes made three rights to avoid making a left in heavy traffic. But a U-turn strikes me as being usually a bad idea; and sometimes it’s illegal.

New York State on the subject:

Do not try a U-turn on a highway unless absolutely necessary. If you must turn around, use a parking lot, driveway or other area, and, if possible, enter the roadway as you move forward, not backing up.

You can make a U-turn only from the left portion of the lane nearest to the centerline of the roadway, never from the right lane. Unless signs tell you otherwise, you can make a U-turn when you get permission to proceed by a green arrow left-turn traffic signal, provided it is allowed and you yield to other traffic.

You can not make a U-turn near the top of a hill, a curve or any other location where other drivers can not see your vehicle from 500 feet ( 150 m ) away in either direction. U-turns are also illegal in business districts of New York City and where NO U-TURN signs are provided. You can never make a U-turn on a limited access expressway, even if paths connect your side of the expressway with the other side. In addition, it is prohibited for a vehicle to make a U-turn in a school zone.

I’m speaking of the normal three/four lane intersections without a light where the straight is a normal main street and the intersecting streets are side streets, so almost always there’s some place you can legally U-turn down the line at a light.