Things You Shouldn't Need To Tell People

Why? There’s no way a cat can catch a deer. /deadpan

Need service to what?

It’s all about what you do between the covers.

Ha ha. Seriously though, if those bird feeders don’t attract other animals, (deer), I’ll check them out.

Like we had to take down the hummingbird feeders, because all they drew were swarms of bees. :frowning:

I have friends who have to take their birdfeeders down in the spring at the end of hibernation season, because otherwise they attract bears.

I don’t know that that’s a thing you shouldn’t need to tell people, though, at least unless they’ve been living for a while in bear country. (Which I’m not in myself, though there is some not far from here.)

My Bengal saw a faun once and got really excited, he wanted to go hunt it. Apparently Asian leopard cats do hunt small deer.

Does he prefer the human half or the goat?

I’d get really excited if I saw a faun, too!

(Fawns, on the other hand, are pretty common around here.)


– whoops! consider my tongue stuck out at @running_coach, too.

Don’t ask or take a drink from a bottle, then drink half of the bottle and leave the rest or put it in the fridge.

I swear whenever I have friends over people will drink exactly 6 ounces from a can/bottle all night and then leave the rest. I’ll somehow have 10 half filled bottles/cans but only 4 other people over.

The goat. But the pan pipes turned him off.

I am fully aware that your loved one is my assigned patient for the evening. I even got a full report on this individual at the beginning of my shift and I am now introducing myself to your ailing loved one so they know who will be responsible for their care and safety during the next 12 hours. And although the family reunion y’all have coordinated in my patient’s room might be of significant, cultural importance to you and yours, I need y’all to keep the volume down to a dull roar. And I have 7 to 9 other patients who are in need of my attention so please forgive me for not taking your family’s coffee and food orders. I’ll be thrilled to give my patient anything they desire as ordered by their PCP (ice chips, an extra pillow, morphine and NyQuil jello shots) but I’m afraid that’s the best I can do since I can’t even find time to eat, drink, or visit the restroom myself. Thanks for being so understanding!

When you pull up to a line of traffic at a red light, pull all the way up and stop. Don’t stop 2 car lengths behind the car in front of you and then creep up a couple of feet at a time. I’m not going to abuse my clutch creeping along with you, tyvm.


There’s actually two reasons beside clutch abuse to do this.

  1. If you’re the first in line at the light, you have to get your car on top of the induction loop that’s buried in the road in order for the traffic light to know there’s a car there. They do adapt the system to people who don’t pull all the way up by putting multiple loops along the lanes, but there’s only so much of that they can do. Edging up will eventually get the car on the loop, but you might miss several cycles of the traffic light until that happens.

  2. Recently made cars have a feature where the engine is turned off when it comes to a stop and then immediately starts again when the brake pedal is released. This saves gas and reduces pollution. However, edging forward causes it to repeatedly have to start and stop, so it’ll just stop stopping after a couple times.

Same here. We see hummingbirds quite a bit so we thought how fun it would be to put up some feeders. Nope. The hornets came by the droves.

We have that issue at gatherings too. If we have cans of pop (soda for you non-midwesterners), at the end of the night there are 15 partially full cans - some with only a few sips taken out. If I put out cups and 2L bottles, the same thing happens. Cups and more cups laying around half full. It’s become a running joke now when my 18yo nephew is in attendance. When he starts pouring his beverage my sister and I stand behind him and watch intently, urge him on, and laugh as he pours it right to the brim. Every time, right to the brim. He can barely carry it without spilling. And then I find it later with more than half of the beverage left.

That would be aggravating as hell. You could try putting out 3 oz. cups like the ones meant for bathroom dispensers. Or go wild and put out 5 oz. cups.

BTW don’t drink from an open can of soda pop (see what I did there?) that has been sitting out. A friend did that and was stung in the mouth by the bee that was in the can. A bad thing.

Don’t jaywalk across busy streets when there’s literally a crosswalk 20 feet away from you.

I’m talking people at 9pm at night on streets that are 8 lanes across where I have five cars all within 10 feet of me and people will still try to dart across the road like a game of Frogger.

Within the past year I’ve almost hit 3 different people who thought running across busy 6 lane roads was the optimal way of getting across. Had a guy run from behind some bushes and he was in a full sprint up until he saw me then suddenly just started slowing down in the middle of the road when he saw me. If he just ran like normal he would have just gotten across just fine but the slowing down cause me to have to slam on my breaks at 30mph and stop 15 feet from him. Then he proceeded to flip me off the entire time as he slowly walked the remaining distance across the street.

This sounds more like what you shouldn’t need to tell him was “don’t force strangers to act a part in your personal dramas.” Or even “don’t be a jerk.”

This reminds me of one of my pet peeves, although its practitioners often have good reason for doing this: drive around a busy parking lot for over 5 minutes looking for a “close in” parking spot, when they could just immediately pick a further-out spot, get out, and walk into the store in less time.

The reason given for this extra driving around is that it means less walking. I guess that’s a big deal for some people. But not most people. I think most people who do this are caught in a loop of “I can do better…”