Things you wish you hadn't seen, but did

Today was a two-fer for me.

This past spring, a professor in my department left suddenly for parts unknown. The rest of the faculty knew why he left, but for various reasons, couldn’t tell us. Today, we found out why.

As I was perusing the local paper, I noticed an article about the charges this professor is now facing. He is alleged to have kept child pornography on his home computer, and he at least partly confessed to molesting three boys.

I am very conflicted by this, largely because I knew him; not well, and I had never had him for any classes, but I needed his approval for two internships and had served as an undergraduate rep on a grade-appeal hearing while he served as interim department chair while the regular chair was on sabbatical. He was very nice and very affable, and while I know that pedophiles generally don’t look like evil slimeballs, it’s hard to accept. It’s not that I didn’t want to know, it’s that I didn’t want to know. If that makes any sense.

The other thing happened this afternoon. A friend is working on a website about horror films and had a banner made featuring a pair of guns. I thought it might be nice to use an image of the revolver used in the Sharon Tate murders. It’s a nice-looking weapon, but it’s got an infamous history. I Googled for it, and got way more than I bargained for.

Oh, I got the picture of the gun, and of a cleaned-up Buck knife also used in the murders.

Spoilered for delicacy’s sake. The squeamish have only themselves to blame.

Along with pictures of the various weapons used that night, there were some very gruesome crime-scene and autopsy photos of all seven victims. I’m not linking for obvious reasons, but if you feel you must share in my misery, do a Google image search for “steven parent murder gun”. It’s the crimeshots dot com site.

This has been a weird day. Were it not for the paper that’s due in less than three hours, I’d be under my quilt, whimpering and begging for brain bleach.


Goaste and tubgirl.

1988–senior year in high school–I saw the aftermath of a sports car vs. garbage truck accident, with a garbage man in between. Both his legs were severed. Mercifully he died quickly. The driver of the sports car was impaled on her steering column.

A couple of years ago, there were a rash of accidents on I-81 near where I live. One particularly bad accident involved a woman who’d jumped the median and had been hit. When I passed by the scene maybe 15 minutes after the impact, her SUV had been covered by a red tarp. The tarp was to cover the fact that her body had not been removed yet.

That memory has stayed with me as a lesson to be particularly careful on the highway.


You know, I only saw those a few days ago. Left me rather unimpressed. I think I’d built them up so much by reading comments from those who’d seen them, so when I finally steeled myself… wow. Nothing to write home about, certainly. Especially Goatse. “What? That’s all?,” I thought. Don’t even get me started on lemonparty. :rolleyes:

Uhm, okay, things I wish I hadn’t seen. ::thinks:: Oh! I saw these pictures of a corpse who’d been partially eaten by a shark. That haunted me for a little while. And once I accidentally caught my friends dad masturbating. Ick. I still get queasy just remembering it.

Two weeks ago I saw a car flip over on the lower highway as we were driving on the overpass.

Two years ago or so I clicked on a link in a very old SDMB thread which went to a new site (not the link I was hoping for) and saw a video someone being held down and getting his throat cut out with a bowie knife. I still get queasy thinking about that.

Two images come to mind.

The first, I googled abortion and saw some pictures I wish I had not. Those pictures occasionally pop into my mind right as I’m trying to fall asleep and the jolt me wide awake every time.

The second, an accident where two girls where going down the highway at about 50 mph when someone pulled across the highway and the girls t-boned them. They had on shorts and I could see parts of the dashboard jammed under the flesh of their thighs right above the knee, trapping them in the car until EMS got there. I was in high school myself when I saw that and the image has stayed with me 25+ years. Those poor girls :frowning:

I saw a website about a girl who survived a devastating car crash (hit by a drunk driver, IIRC). She had absolutely horrific burns, and yet she lived. When they showed her in the immediate aftermath-oh sweet Jesus, that was painful.

That and the Snopes link after that picture of the one-eyed kitten was circulated. There was a page of severe birth defects on cats and it made me vomit. Oh dear GOD!

I think I am referring to Guin’s post. She was the victim of a drunk driver. She’s been caught in the burning car. And she had an ad campaign which said “Not all drunk driving victims are killed. Some live.” With a pic of her before and after. I feel my heart wrench as I type this but she looked like an absolute monster. I once spent several hours reading her website, feeling my heart moved with horror and pity alternately…it was terribly yet I felt the least I could do for her was to read all the things she had put on her website so painstakingly. She was a lovely young girl and now she looked like a freak. No more boys for her, no more laughing, no more playing…now for her was to live with her (very loving and kind) daddy and suffer through surgery after surgery.

I have never visited that site again. I’ve forgotten her name. I don’t look her up. Yet I still think of her sometimes and occasionally I even dream of her looking at me sadly, with her large doe eyes peering out of that ruin of a face.


That burned me more than tubgirl or goatse…both of which grossed me out but didn’t cause that mix of pity and revulsion.

Anaamika-if you only saw the ad, you didn’t even see the worst of it. I saw a whole website about her, and it freaked the living shit out of me.

Oh, God. I just remembered one more. The harlequin fetus. Why, oh, why did I have to click that link!? I’m going to be thinking about it all night now. :frowning:

Jacqui Saburido.

There’s an article on the snopes site if you anyone wants to satisfy their curiosity (and probably a quite a few other places on the Internet, too.) Not posting a link. Look for her at your own risk.

Video of one of the first beheadings in Iraq. I searched a day or two after it happened. Found the vid (with sound :frowning: ) and just HAD to watch it. :rolleyes:

Saw the harlequin fetus, saw the beheadings, saw just about every picture on, but the worst was a “snuff” film of a Russian soldier in Afghanistan, wherein Mujahadeed stepped on his head and slit his throat with a knife. It was the first time I’ve ever had to stop a video for having found it too repulsive. This one REALLY bothered me.

Oh yeah… and that ugly frickin’ dog!

Worst I saw (prior to the web) was news coverage of the the infamous 1989 Clint Malarchuk hockey accident wherein St. Louis’ Steve Tuttle was upended up by Malarchuk’s stick, who kicked up in an attempt to right himself and went ass over tea kettle, slicing Malarchuk’s corotid with his skate in the process. (Video heremassive blood loss warning!)

I damn near passed out after watching it, and had to lie down for several minutes to recover my composure.

Apart from that there’s plenty of crap on the web. is infamous for that stuff, or ebaum’s extreme videos, some of those are pretty nasty. Not to mention all the crime scene photo and autopsy image archives floating around.

I’m not even gonna get into some of the sick pr0n out there.

Two words:



'Nuff said about that.

I am overcome with revulsion any time I fool myself into thinking it would be okay to look through the dermatology reference books at work. Good god, don’t ever do that.

I was walking down the street, minding my own business. Next to me a car started, and there was a horrible screech from under it. It pulled away and drove off, and under where it had been parked, a little black cat, part of it crushed, was screaming, writhing and spinning about in pain. I knew there was no way for it to survive, and I hadn’t the faintest idea how to help it or anything, so I just ran. :frowning:

I was in a SDMB thread once that was talking about a comic author. I don’t remember his name, and I’m not about to do a search to try to find out. There was plenty of fair warning, and I don’t know what possessed me to google him. His comics took “S&M” to a level I never thought anyone could imagine. I don’t know if I was more repulsed by the drawings and story I was looking at, or the fact that any one could think these things up and actually have an audience for it. I’ve seen a lot of disturbing things on the internet, but this was the only thing that I really, truly wish I could take back. Years later and it still haunts me.