The grossest thing you ever saw!!

About ten years ago, on my way to work (swing shift), I stopped at a kids’ fair in a park, to use a porta-potty. The light hit it just right when I opened the door. I’d used port-a-potties before, but this was the first time I looked and saw–a huge pile of poop! Ick Ick Ick!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Please tell me what YOU saw that could turn your stomach!!

I responded to a suicide call while on patrol during the Christmas season where the husband took a 12-gauge shotgun to his head and pulled the trigger. I didn’t even get the chance to use my cool negotiation training, that really pissed me off. He didn’t load buckshot, they were deer slugs. His brains were turned into grey goo and it splattered all over my car and my pants and shoes. That pissed me off too because I didn’t have a spare pair of trousers handy for the rest of the shift.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Bluepony, you win.

Bluepony, you are one cold puppy!

The grossest thing I ever saw (though by no means comparable to Bluepony’s experience) was when I was 12 years old.

My Mom was an OR nurse in the Detroit Medical Center and had to work a certain number of midnight shifts per year. She had the brilliant idea to take me in with her one night as a learning experience, thinking nothing much would be happening.

Well, some guy in Indiana stuck his hand into a running lawn mower and he was flown in for hand surgery trying to reconnect some of his fingers. Apparently, his thumb was too mangled to attempt a reattachment, because my Mother showed it to me, floating in a jar. Yuck.

My Mom is a little wacky that way…she dissected pig eyeballs at my little sister’s 2nd grade science fair. Now my sister is the coolest girl in her class.

When I was in the Army, I was on a firing range while M125 mortar carriers were conducting a night fire exercise. I was in a command vehicle monitoring radio traffic when a sergeant ran in and hollered for a “dust off”! This informs Range Control to stop all firing on all ranges so the medi-vac 'choppers will have a clear line of flight to the emergency. The mortars were firing “Willie-Pete” - white phosphorus - rounds to provide illumination on another range. One round exploded on contact with the firing pin. It blew out the tube, sending phosphorus and schrapnel throughout carrier. Without proper fire fighting equipment, the only way you can extingush burning phosphorus is to suffocate the smoldering embers. The gunner had phosphorus covering both legs. His skin was a roiling boil from the WP. We were making mud pies to put on his wounds in an attempt to extinguish the fire. He lost both legs. That was by far the worse thing I have ever been a part of or witnessed.

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I’ve been on the internet too long. I’ve seen some weird stuff. I saw an octapus tentical in a womans vagina. A lamp, too. But I don’t know if fetish porn counts.

I was studying up on pathology for a script I’m writing. I knew I would probably see some gross pics, but the pathology websites were nothing. I stumbled onto websites for nothing but pics of dead people and dismembered bodies. I saw one of Jeffery Dahmer’s victims, a woman who was crushed by a steam roller, and a man who killed himslf by throwing himself on a huge saw used for cutting trees into two-by-fours. There are some seriously sick and twisted puppies out there.

I guess * so!!! *

Bluepony, of course, wins, but mine is pretty gross. When I was a kid and we were driving on I-75 we came across and accident that had just happened. The police and ambulance folks had just arrived.

A guy had flipped his convertible with his wife and kid in the car. The car was still upside down, hung up on the median rail, and his head had hit the asphalt, with his brains splattered all over. The kid was still alive. The wife was dead, too, I think. I’m not positive how the wife and kid were, to be honest. All I remember was looking at that guy with his brains dashed all over the highway. Yuck.

Ick! Ick! Ick!

I think it would have to be the time my mother, I guess to elicit sympathy, felt the need to bend over, spread her cheeks, and show me the humongous, inflamed, and grape-like protubrances of hemorrhoids (sp?) coming ot her ass and apparantly, causing her much pain.

This is an image that was burned into my retina at the age of 13 and has yet to fade…

I am #1. Everyone else is #2 or lower.

Arghhh! Arghhh!

Stoida, you poor thing!

Sympathy? I would feel sorry for her–and for you. Exposing herself like that isn’t simply gross–it’s sick. I hope this comment doesn’t offend you.

I have to confess that I haven’t seen anything to compare to the stories here. I did once find a men’s room in a bar that I absolutely refused to do ANYTHING in…but I was a drunk undergrad, and time has mercifully blotted the reasons from my memory.

When I was about 15 one of our cats had kittens–one died. Somebody cut the top off a beer can and stuck the dead kitten in before throwing it out–the equivalent of an aluminum casket, I suppose.

Maybe a week later I found a cut up can in the yard–my guess is that a dog had dragged it out of the garbage. Not knowing what it was, I picked it up and SNIFFED…

Twenty years later, the thought still makes me cringe.

Rich Barr
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I mean Stoidela, sorry.

My family’s kind of strange. . . blood and guts don’t bother us, but if someone throws up, we all go green. Maybe that’s why the grossest thing I can think of is when the kid sitting behind me on the school bus suddenly got sick, bent over and threw up on the floor underneath my seat. There was this nice wet splattery sound and suddenly there was this pool of something orange with little white chunks floating in it under my seat and on my shoes. The kid didn’t stop with just one heave, either. I jerked my feet up and just sat there, unable to get out of my seat without stepping in this pool of vomit under my seat.

Which was next to the heater vent.

In January.

That was the most miserable time of my life, riding home that way. (Well, what else could the bus driver do? No mop. . .) I had the heaves all the way home, but somehow I managed not to throw up.
– Sylence
– Sylence

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In a much lighter, yet still plenty gross thread, I would have to say the grossest thing I have seen recently were the Porta-Potties at Woodstock.

They were so full they were overflowing.

In 96 degree heat.

On an airway tarmac.

Course, there were times, about once a day, where I really had to go so I had no choice but to use them. I had to brace my self against the inner walls of the porta-potty and suspend myself, like a spider, over the mound of putrid human waste that I was adding to.


Oh no, Stoid, you win…

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

I didn’t actually see this live, but on TV. A former NHL goalie named Clint Malarchuk got caught on the neck with a skate blade and it hit his jugular vein. Blood was gushing about 15-20 feet with each beat of his heart. From what I’ve heard, 4 people in the arena had heart attacks when it happened.

I have 2 stories. Prepare to hurl. I know a man who chews tobacco, spits it in a can, and when the can is full, DRINKS IT! Yes, I have seen it.

The second story happened on a farm. Right by the gas tank was a dead horse. It was decaying to the point that the stomach was expanding. One day, some friends decided to see who could jump off the gas tank over the horse the farthest. The loser landed HEAD FIRST into the horses stomach. POP!

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